The world that we live in requires all of us to do our bit, and that’s exactly what we at Häcker Kitchens strive to do. From eco-friendly packaging, investing in social projects to ensuring your kitchen is safe – we are an aware and responsible brand.

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Häcker Kitchens has always prioritised safety and sustainability before anything else. All Häcker wooden materials are certified for reduced formaldehyde as per CARB 2 standards making your Hacker kitchen practically free from cancer-causing emissions.

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What happens to a kitchen after years of use? Nothing, if it’s a Häcker Kitchen! PUResist is a sophisticated edge bonding technology that is used for fronts, carcases and surrounding material. The PUR-bonding makes your kitchen completely tropicalized against moisture and steam that is common for kitchens.

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Häcker only uses environmentally friendly material for load securing. While common industry standards include the usage of foam blocks and polystyrene sheets, we have opted for a more sustainable method. The company’s trailers are equipped with sturdy paper bags filled with cardboard waste to secure the load.

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Häcker has earned an official award for being a carbon-neutral company. Along with other projects, Häcker supports


  • Reforestation project in Uruguay
  • Wind power project in India
  • Hydropower project in Mali


Our measures are appraised for active climate protection and voluntary transparency.