Are You Aware of The Concept of The Wet and Dry Kitchen? Learn How Hacker Aces the Trend

Are You Aware of The Concept of The Wet and Dry Kitchen? Learn How Hacker Aces the Trend

Are You Aware of The Concept of The Wet and Dry Kitchen? Learn How Hacker Aces the Trend

Indian kitchen design has been evolving with time. A new concept has started taking urban kitchens by storm that demarcates the kitchen space into two distinct zones, namely the wet kitchen and the dry kitchen.


The wet kitchen zone is reserved for heavy-duty kitchen activities that involve meal preparation, cleaning, and cooking. The cooktop and sink are positioned in the wet kitchen area.


The dry kitchen zone, on the other hand, is used for lighter cooking, reheating food, and preparing coffee, and is more of an interactive zone for the family.


This trend is catching up as a growing number of homeowners become aware of the benefits of segregating their kitchens into dry and wet zones. Let’s learn more about this trend and how we can ace it.


Should you divide your modular kitchen design into wet and dry zones?


Dividing your kitchen into wet and dry areas is a great idea; the latest modular kitchen designs are adopting this trend to create a functional kitchen space for the user. There are several benefits one can expect from implementing this concept.


 Here are the reasons why you should take this step:


  • It improves kitchen functionality: One of the reasons to divide your modular kitchen design into dry and wet zones is to improve kitchen functionality. It works best for families that have multiple cooks and house helps operating in the kitchen at the same time. They can divide their work and choose different zones according to their activities.
  • Access to more storage space: When you divide your kitchen into two distinct zones, it helps you maximize the storage space. You can also create systematic storage in the kitchen. Put all the heavy appliances, such as the refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher, in the wet kitchen zone, and the coffeemaker and smaller accessories, such as the microwave, will be in the dry kitchen zone in your modular kitchen.
  • Kitchen maintenance gets easier: Kitchen maintenance can be challenging, but when you segregate your kitchen into two different zones, cleaning becomes easier. The dry kitchen does not get messy, as it involves light cooking; you can simply clean it by wiping the surfaces. The wet kitchen area can be deep-cleaned.
  • It optimizes space and streamlines the flow: By dissecting the latest modular kitchen designs into two separate zones, you can streamline the workflow in the kitchen. The dry kitchen area in your modern kitchen design can also be utilized for serving food. You can also use this zone for light meal preparation, such as preparing breakfast, baking, and cooking light snacks. The wet kitchen area will handle the extensive cooking chores.
  • It is hygienic and aesthetically pleasing: A kitchen involves heavy-duty cooking,  the smoke, oil, and food odor flow through the house. But if you create a wet kitchen zone, it will be a confined zone with a kitchen chimney. The smell would no longer permeate the whole household. You can separate it from the dry kitchen area with a sliding door and use the dry kitchen for entertaining your guests.

Even the experts suggest dividing a kitchen into dry and wet zones. Architect Kanishka Jain from Hexagramm Design advises that to save your kitchen from leakage, it is best to have these two distinct zones, and he recommends Hacker Kitchens for this. Here’s what he has to say:


We have created modular kitchen designs where we have created two separate areas. We have designed a wet and dry modular kitchen design for a Hyderabad-based couple, Mr. Suprajj Reddy & Mrs. Sirisha Reddy.

The wet kitchen zone in their house is used for heavy-duty cooking, storing groceries, and washing utensils. To create a seamless cooking experience, they have installed the best appliances.

 Their dry kitchen area is used to prepare coffee, reheat food, and for eating purposes. It has a seating area and appliances such as a mini fridge and microwave.


 You can check out their kitchen here:


It is a sound idea to separate your kitchen in wet and dry kitchen zones. It will streamline the workflow, sort out storage problems, and ensure the kitchen remains clean. To learn more about this trend you should visit our showroom near you.




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