Are You Aware Of These Elements Of Modern Kitchen Design?

Are You Aware Of These Elements Of Modern Kitchen Design?

Are You Aware Of These Elements Of Modern Kitchen Design

The modern kitchen design is a deviation from the traditional kitchen style in many aspects. Modern kitchen in India is now more streamlined in design and is designed with the aim of making the kitchen space more efficient and user friendly for the kitchen users. The elements of modern kitchen design must be studied carefully to understand how the design works. So let’s explore the elements of modern kitchen design here.


What are the elements of modern kitchen design?


Minimalistic kitchen:


The modern kitchen design is minimalistic in style unlike a traditional kitchen which veers more towards ornamentation. The modern kitchen has clean lines, and minimal ornamentation. The cabinets, drawers do not have knobs and other hardware. Instead these cabinets and drawers are operated by light touches. These cabinet designs are absolutely perfect for the modern apartments and homes. Therefore, while designing a modern kitchen you should let go of the ornamentation.


 Sleek layouts:


modular kitchen design


The modern kitchen design is also defined by the sleek layouts that optimize the whole kitchen area. From L-shaped layout to parallel kitchen design there are so many variations to explore. The kitchen layouts optimize different kitchen space of varying sizes and make the modern kitchen design more functional. Selection of the kitchen layout will play a critical role in enhancing the kitchen efficiency. However, do not pick up any random layout, pay attention to the requirement of your kitchen to select the right layout. Each kitchen design is different and has some distinct requirement, and the kitchen layout has to be just right for the kitchen requirement.  For a big kitchen space the U-shaped layout will be absolutely right, but it might not be right for the small kitchen space. So choose accordingly.


The work triangle rule:


The kitchen triangle rule is important in ensuring the efficiency of any modern kitchen design.  The distance between the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove should be ideal and must form a triangle. These three points in the kitchen must be easily accessible without any hassle. The work triangle rule must be implemented keeping the specific layout in mind, and it will make your movements unobstructed. You can access all the necessary pointers without feeling blocked, and without bumping into anything. A modern kitchen in India must implement the work triangle rule.


Kitchen accessories:


A modern kitchen now comes with smart accessories that make your kitchen more accessible and intelligent.  You have access to tall-units that help you store scores of kitchen essentials and keep them organized without wasting much space. The tall-units are a must have accessory for any modern kitchen design. The under-the-sink unit, bottle-pull-outs, the magic corners, the cutlery trays, racks, these accessories make the kitchen space efficient as they aid in keeping the kitchen space organized and everything more accessible. Without the kitchen accessories modern kitchen design will be incomplete.


The kitchen lights:


Modern kitchen design is all about making the kitchen smarter and a functional space. The kitchen lighting therefore, plays a crucial role in the modern kitchen design.  Instead of one light source in the kitchen, the modern kitchens now come with a layered lighting scheme that makes the kitchen bright and also a convenient place for work. There are different lighting fixtures that are implemented such as the task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting, and also the decorative lights. These different lights perform different illumination tasks, and the task lighting is undoubtedly the most important light in the kitchen design.


Versatile storage modules:


The modern kitchen in India is no longer limited by the bulky kitchen cabinets that were a staple in the traditional kitchen design setting. The modern kitchen has truly transformed and now the drawers are the most popular storage accessories. The drawers come in different sizes and shapes, and can hold many items. The pull-out style drawers are the most popular kitchen storage options especially when it comes to the parallel kitchen design these drawers help create a streamlined storage.  The open shelves, and kitchen islands are also now being used for offering storage solution.


Conclusion:These elements of the modern kitchen design define a modern kitchen and there are other features too that make the modern kitchen truly efficient and stylish. However, modern kitchen design is undergoing evolution and innovative features are also being added to make it more efficient.




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