Check out these modern kitchen lighting tips for your modular kitchen!

Check out these modern kitchen lighting tips for your modular kitchen!

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While designing a modular kitchen the attention is usually paid to the layout, the modules, the storage, aesthetics, and materials for the countertop, cabinets, finish, color, and so many other details. Sometimes the homeowners forget to give an equal amount of attention and significance to the lighting scheme of the kitchen. Just like other rooms in the house, your kitchen area also requires adequate lighting. After all you are engaged here in preparing meals three to four times a day, and then you have to clean up the kitchen as well, if there is not sufficient light in the kitchen you will have trouble carrying out these chores.



Furthermore, the modern kitchen in India is no longer a place reserved for only cooking, now the area expands to include a dining area, and sometimes a cozy entertainment nook for the guests. Therefore, while planning kitchen lighting you have to pay attention to details and also learn about different options. Here are some kitchen lighting tips that might help you out. Let’s check these out now!



Modern kitchen lighting tips for a modular kitchen:


Never block natural light: There is no replacing the effect of the natural light which can completely transform a kitchen. While planning your kitchen never block windows or, doors, instead make room for the natural light to fill up the kitchen space and make it warm and inviting. You can incorporate glass doors, windows, along with strategically placed skylights to let the light in. There are other ways to amplify the natural light that enters the kitchen, you can place a mirror on the wall and thereby make it easier to reflect the natural light and create a bright, vibrant ambience in the kitchen. Likewise having metallic finish helps; opting for the color white for the modular kitchen furniture makes sense here too, as the kitchen would appear brighter.



Never settle for only one type of lighting in the kitchen: This is a crucial tip and a ground rule that you should never ever ignore. Traditionally we are used to having a fluorescent bulb in the kitchen, or, may be a tube light, which would be placed casually on one wall, maybe on top of the countertop area. But having a single light source in your kitchen will only make matters worse; the corner areas would be in a semi-dark state, the cabinets would be dark too. While designing your modular kitchen, always opt for a layered lighting scheme which means that along with ambient lighting you should also install other lights for specific sections in the kitchen, such as task lighting. The layered scheme would not only illuminate your luxury kitchen but will also enable you to light up specific task areas.



Ambient lighting is a must: While designing the lighting scheme in the kitchen you must pay attention to the ambient lighting. This the fist layer of lighting in the kitchen that you have to consider. Always remember that the kitchen area should never be taken for granted, so figure out the placement of the lighting fixtures on the ceiling, on the walls to create the bright ambience in the kitchen. Explore the different options available for the modern kitchen in India before you settle for some specific light fixtures. If you have an island in the kitchen or, pendants then you should hang pendant lights, chandeliers over the island or, table. This would add additional brightness to the room and make the serving and entertainment area inviting for all.




Incorporate task lighting: The kitchen area is undoubtedly a busy area in the house; the meals are cooked for the families here and there are additional tasks involved too. Furthermore, you have to keep the hygiene in mind so, only having ambient lighting and skipping task lighting would be a mistake. Task lighting is an important layer that should be paid attention to. Even in a luxury kitchen space, task lighting can not only aid in enhancing the functionality but will also beautifully illuminate the kitchen. The trick to get the task lighting scheme right is to think about the tasks you perform, and which sections of the kitchen are used for those tasks starting right from chopping vegetables to cleaning. This would enable you to find the exact areas which could do with adequate lighting. The kitchen countertop, the sink, and under the cabinets are some of the common task areas which must be illuminated.




Cabinets should not be ignored: While thinking of a lighting scheme for the kitchen you also need to take your cabinets into account. The modular kitchen furniture used for the purpose of storage need lights too! You are going to put your grocery items, kitchen accessories, utensils, and more in these cabinets, accessing them in the semi-darkness can be a trouble if you have a single source of light. To change that you should install LED strip lights inside the cabinets which can be easy to install, won’t take up much space, and will perfectly brighten up the inside of the cabinets. When you open the cabinets you can easily access the item you are looking for.




Choose the right fixtures: Selection of the right light fixture is an important aspect of the kitchen design. Keep your layout in mind, your requirements, the electrical outlets, and other details before you start selecting the fixtures. Do not get oversized fixtures, or, too small ones as these would create a jarring effect. However, if you have any specific design in mind like creating a focal point then you can opt for a statement pendant lamp or, chandelier for your serving zone. The choices available for the modern kitchen in India are numerous, so explore. The usage of dimmer switches is a clever idea as it lets you control the light to create a specific mood. Furthermore, consider exploring the smart lighting system with the smart controls which can truly take the kitchen functionality to an all new level.




Conclusion: Those were some modern kitchen lighting tips that you should consider following when you plan your modular kitchen. Along with having the right layout and essential components, a modular kitchen also needs the right lights to be functional. So, whenever you plan your kitchen keep the tips in mind.



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