Check Out These Small Modular Kitchen Design Ideas That Actually Work

Check Out These Small Modular Kitchen Design Ideas That Actually Work

Check Out These Small Modular Kitchen Design Ideas That Actually Work

A modular kitchen is no doubt a problem-solver for a modern home. It has all the features that make kitchen a functional place, so that your everyday kitchen hassle gets easier to handle. A modular kitchen design is also versatile, because it could fit any household, and any requirement like a glove. However, when you have space in your kitchen, you can easily come up with any elaborate design and you can also implement any kind of elements in the design. The challenge seems to come when you have a small kitchen to work with. A small kitchen space does not give you the freedom to work your way through it. There are spatial challenges to overcome, so therefore it might seem like a daunting task to come up with a small modular kitchen design. With a couple of smart tricks you can easily come up with the right design solutions that would help you create the perfect small modular kitchen. So, let’s check out what these ideas are.


Small modular kitchen design ideas:


Measurement is the key:


When you are designing a small modular kitchen you have to have the clear measurements of the kitchen space that you have. The more precise you are, the easier it would be for you to come up with the right design. If your space is narrow then you can choose a layout like a parallel kitchen design that would enable you to utilize the space better. On the other hand, if your space has corner areas then you should definitely come up with the L-shaped layout which is ideal for utilizing the corner areas. When you measure your space you get the chance to come up with the perfect layout that fits your kitchen like a glove and most importantly utilizes every inch of it in an efficient manner. Selection of the right layout matters to a great degree in ensuring a successful small modular kitchen design.


Use the vertical space:


The small kitchen will not have much space to play around with. If you want to implement a number of storage modules then you will have trouble figuring out where to place the cabinets, you won’t be able to fit the cabinets and drawers into the small space and it would look only crammed up. Things can get better when you start using the vertical space, you can easily build overhead modular kitchen cabinets where you can put all your essentials, now be careful regarding the height of the cabinets, and their design so that you can easily reach them and access the items within. Look for different design inspirations and you would soon find it easier to select the ideal model that suits you best.


Use open shelves:


When it comes to making space in the small kitchen, you should consider exploring new ideas. Installing open shelves in the kitchen sounds like a great idea. You can easily find the shelves to be the perfect addition to your modular kitchen. The open shelves utilize the vertical space in the parallel kitchen design in a brilliant manner. You can install three or, more shelves according to your need, the size and the length could be adjusted accordingly. These shelves do not cost you much, but you can put a lot of items on the shelf. Your spice jars, utensils, crockery, and lots of other things. You can also use pegboard backsplash to make room for your items.


Choose drawers:


A great way to ensure that you are sorted in the storage department is to have the right storage modules. If your kitchen is small then instead of having the standard modular kitchen cabinets, you should opt for the drawers which would be so much better. You can choose shallow and deep drawers, streamlined designs which would be vertically stacked and save you space yet allow you to stock up on the items you need. So, opting for the drawers will work for your small kitchen.


Conclusion: A small modular kitchen design, can be beautiful and highly functional.  The ideas mentioned here are meant to help you create a beautiful small modular kitchen which has all the efficiency a modular kitchen has to offer. Explore ideas and find inspiration to design the ideal kitchen.


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