7 easy design tips to enhance the functionality of any Indian kitchen

7 easy design tips to enhance the functionality of any Indian kitchen

Indian kitchen ideas

A kitchen is not merely a place to cook food twice or, thrice a day, it is now a place where food is prepared, guests are entertained, and also the family enjoys a meal together. The conventional kitchen design is so passé, with the modern ideas shaping up the urban households and life taking a fast turn the ideal kitchen design now has to be functional. The Indian kitchen is diverse; it has some unique requirements as well. Be it building adequate storage modules, or, creating the ideal work station, the design must take care of every aspect to ensure that the kitchen is a highly functional space. Here are some easy to follow design tips that will help you enhance the functionality of the modern kitchen in India. Let’s take a look at what these are here.


7 easy design tips to enhance an Indian kitchen functionality:


You need the work triangle:


If your present kitchen does not have the work triangle then you should implement this rule if you have any plans of renovating it. The distance between the hob, the refrigerator, and the sink should be so that you can move from one point to the other without getting obstructed. The implementation of the work triangle can certainly enhance the kitchen functionality. You should also plan your storage around these points in a way that you can access the utensils you need on a daily basis, such as the pots, pans, spatulas easily. Carrying out your activities in the kitchen will be easier, if you have the work triangle rule in place. Even if there is more than one cook operating in the kitchen, you will still have no issues whatsoever. The Indian kitchen ideas need to implement this element to ensure that the kitchen stays functional.


Pay attention to storage:


Kitchen is a storehouse as well, along with preparing meals for the family you also need to utilize this space to put all your cooking related stuff. Be it your utensils, your spices, your grocery items, your kitchen accessories, coffee mugs, tea-sets, your exclusive crockery sets, everything must be put in its place. Not having the right storage modules can lead to clutter, and affect the functionality of the kitchen to a great degree. Whether yours is a luxury kitchen or, a small minimalist kitchen, you must have the right amount of storage modules. If in your current kitchen there is no space to accommodate new storage modules, add some open shelving.


Add a pantry unit:


This might not seem like a feasible idea, but once you take this step you will know how invaluable this piece of advice is. If you stash your groceries along with other elements in the cabinets, that would be a disaster. Accessing your grocery, and keeping them neatly stored, and keeping track of the stock gets easier when you separate your grocery from the rest of the items. You can easily opt for a separate pantry unit, explore the design for modern kitchen in India, you will find many interesting pantry unit ideas.



Take care of the lights:



No one likes to work in a semi-dark kitchen as that hampers your work, so, change the lighting layout of your current kitchen if it does not make the place bright. Ambient lighting must be there, if you have overhead cabinets then having the under the cabinet lighting is a good idea, furthermore, you can add task lighting in different areas in the kitchen. You can add task lighting over the sink area, above the countertop to make your meal prep time absolutely hassle-free. You can transform your kitchen into a luxury kitchen, by installing chandeliers or, snazzy pendant lights.


Make everything accessible:


If you do not have access to the items you need during a hurry, you would find it extremely difficult to carry out your work peacefully. Sit down and figure out what is causing you difficulty now, and take steps accordingly. If you have difficulty finding spatulas, accessories, then install shallow drawers under the countertop below the stove, this will lessen your hassle of finding things. You can also replace your current backsplash with a pegboard backsplash and hang all your essentials there. Adding an open shelf over the countertop would do as well. Indian kitchen ideas are evolving, and you have to explore the new ideas that can fit your space better.


Keep your countertop clutter-free:


The countertop area must remain clutter-free all the time; this will ensure that your meal preparation goes on smoothly without any difficulty. The countertop area usually remains cluttered, because you place your small appliances like mixer grinder, blender, coffee maker and others items on it. Your cutting board, knives and other miscellaneous items need to be sorted and placed in a way that leaves room for food prep on the countertop. You can place your small appliances in the pantry unit, and you can also remove your other items and create a separate drawer or, a shelf for them. This way your countertop will remain clutter-free and clean. Also explore the latest countertop design ideas available for modern kitchen in India to replace your current one.


Add an island:


If your kitchen is big enough then adding a kitchen island seems like the right move for you. Depending upon your kitchen requirements you should select an island. In an open kitchen the kitchen island could be an easy fit and it might double up as the dining table. Adding an island will help you create additional storage in the kitchen, you can have another workstation by installing a sink and a cook top. If there is not much room available then get a rolling kitchen island.


These rules are easy to implement, and they are highly effective in enhancing your kitchen functionality. Do not toil in the same old kitchen adjusting with its numerous issues. List out your problem areas and explore these rules, you will definitely be able to tackle these issues and make your kitchen efficient.



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