Do Not Make These 6 Kitchen Lighting Mistakes In Your Modular Kitchen Design

Do Not Make These 6 Kitchen Lighting Mistakes In Your Modular Kitchen Design

Do Not Make These 6 Kitchen Lighting Mistakes In Your Modular Kitchen Design

A kitchen lighting scheme is one of the crucial elements of a kitchen as it can make or, break a kitchen design. Although a modular kitchen is highly efficient, implementing the right lighting scheme is significant to enhance its functionality. Poor lighting in the kitchen will disrupt your activities and you will have a hard time executing your tasks.


But when creating a lighting scheme, it’s essential to consider both kitchen aesthetics and functionality.   If you’re considering buying a modular kitchen in Bangalore, you need to pay attention to the design of the kitchen lighting. There are some common kitchen lighting mistakes that you should be aware of so that you can avoid them and design the right lighting scheme.


Avoid making these 6 kitchen lighting mistakes in your kitchen:


  1. Overlooking kitchen aesthetics:


While planning kitchen lighting, it is a mistake to only take a pragmatic approach and overlook the kitchen aesthetics.  While planning your modular kitchen in Jaipur, you must choose lighting fixtures that will complement your kitchen theme and will fit in nicely with the rest of the kitchen fixtures. But many times kitchen users get their hands on random pieces that despite doing their job of illuminating the kitchen, look out of place.  If your kitchen fittings have metallic finishes then select lighting fixtures with similar finishes. A uniform approach will work best.


  1. Not paying attention to task zones:


While designing the kitchen lighting scheme, users often tend to ignore task lighting. To create a functional kitchen design, you must install task lighting. The meal prep area, the sink, and the storage area all of these task zones must be well-lit.

Ambient lighting is good for illuminating the entire kitchen area, but for executing tasks like chopping vegetables, washing dishes, and taking out your grocery from the pantry you need task lighting. Pay attention to the task zones in your modular kitchen design, and install task lighting in those areas.


  1. Do not have limited sources of lighting:


Having only one or two lighting sources in the kitchen will be a mistake.  The modular kitchen in Bangalore needs multiple layers of lighting.  Your top priority should be task lighting, but you should also install accent and ambient lighting fixtures.  Each variety serves a certain purpose in the kitchen, and when combined, they help build a beautiful and highly functional kitchen.  Accent lighting in particular, brings life to the kitchen by highlighting a specific function.


  1. Do not underestimate dimmers:


The lighting in your kitchen needs to be bright, but it also needs to be controlled. A modern modular kitchen in Jaipur will be more than your cooking space; you may even interact with your guests there as you cook. Dimmers are a necessary component of your kitchen lighting plan since it is crucial to adjust the lighting in order to create the desired ambiance. Control the glare and keep the light low-key when you are just in the mood to have a chat or are sitting down to enjoy a meal with your family. Brighten it up when necessary.


  1. Not paying attention to the size:


While selecting kitchen lighting fixtures, you should not select the wrong size. A kitchen lighting scheme should never be taken for granted while planning your modular kitchen design. Always pay attention to the size of the room, and also the space where you are going to install the lighting. An oversized lighting fixture will be a hindrance, and a smaller one will also be completely inadequate. Hence, get the measurement right and choose only the ideal size for your kitchen. You must pay attention to the size particularly when selecting task lighting or pendant lighting fixtures.


  1. Not paying attention to the color temperature:


Do not ignore the color temperature while planning the kitchen lighting scheme.  You should avoid working in a kitchen with intense lighting because it will make you uneasy. Likewise, you do not want the light to be too dim and cold either. Learn about the color temperature range and select light bulbs accordingly.


Conclusion: When creating a kitchen lighting plan for your modular kitchen in Bangalore, it is important to avoid these six kitchen lighting mistakes. If necessary, consult an expert on how to plan lighting for your kitchen.



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