Wondering how to customize your modular kitchen? Try out these ideas

Wondering how to customize your modular kitchen? Try out these ideas

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If you have taken the decision to invest in a modular kitchen then you must be feeling excited! It is the right step towards making your kitchen a functional space. A modular kitchen is not only beautiful, but it is also highly efficient. The biggest benefit of having a modular kitchen is that you can customize the design, and this is the reason why home owners give this concept so much priority.


The customization holds the key to kitchen functionality, and your kitchen space could easily transform into an efficient place. However, getting the customization right might be trickier than you think, and unless you get it right you won’t be able to make it as efficient as you want. So, here are some customization ideas for your modular kitchen design that you should definitely try out.


Modular kitchen customization ideas:


Start by measuring your space:


This might sound like a basic idea and it is, but it is the most crucial step for you. You just have to know how much space is available in order to decide the right design for the kitchen. Measure your space and define it, find out whether it is a narrow shape, or, if it is going to be an open concept. If it is going to be an enclosed space then figure out the corner areas, and how do you plan to use those, check out any modern kitchen design for inspiration. The act of measuring and defining your space would help you figure out the right layout for it. So, start measuring now, and also keep the plumbing and electrical outlets in mind.


Find the right layout:


When it comes to customizing your modular kitchen layout you should consider exploring the layouts available. There are many layouts available starting from the parallel kitchen design to the U-shaped layout. All you have to do is to find the ideal layout that is going to be suitable for the kitchen that you are designing. Learning about different layouts is something that you can start doing as this would make you aware of the various pros and cons and soon you would be able to find the ideal layout that will make your kitchen an efficient place. Just because a particular layout is looking good, that does not mean you need to implement that concept right away. You should be practical regarding the choice of your layout it should be just right for the kitchen so that the available space could be optimized.


Focus on the countertop:


More often than not the countertop is not paid attention to. It is taken for granted which means the countertop remains a randomly designed section in the kitchen which is used the most throughout a day. Your countertop is where you prepare your meals, and you also put your smaller appliances, this place should not be random at all. You must pay attention to the length and the material of the countertop. Depending on how you plan to use this section, you should select the length, design, and also the material accordingly. The material selection should be so that it becomes easy to keep it clean and it should also stay strong despite regular kitchen chores. So, you must pay attention to the countertop before you finalize your modular kitchen design.


Calculate your storage:


Storage is usually the biggest problem in the kitchen, and lack of storage means that your kitchen space is going to be messy and full of clutter. While designing a kitchen, the users often either overestimate or, underestimate their storage requirements. But when you have a modular kitchen you should take advantage of the unique storage solutions that come with it. Calculate what you need to keep in your kitchen including grocery, accessories, utensils, spices, and other miscellaneous items. Once you are sure, you can start figuring out the storage modules that you would need. Explore a modern kitchen design, and check out the latest storage module styles so that you can select from one of these designs. Figure out whether you want cabinets or, drawers or, both. May be you would also want to include open shelves, being clear about these details would help you find the right storage modules in your kitchen.


Pay attention to ventilation:


A kitchen should be well-ventilated. Due to lack of ventilation the kitchen would end up being dirty and greasy. The food particles, the spice grains, food odor, oil would be trapped in the kitchen air. The kitchen surfaces would be greasy too and the cabinets and other modules would lose their sheen if dirt keeps on accumulating. So, while designing a kitchen you have to be careful about this, if you have a parallel kitchen design in mind make sure that there are doors and windows in the kitchen, and you should also install a kitchen chimney. Especially when you have an open kitchen you have to install a kitchen chimney.


Select the right appliances:


One of the most important elements of the modular kitchen design is the appliances. You must select the right appliances that would make your kitchen work easy. There might be plethora of options available but do not select appliances that you do not have any use for. The modular kitchen companies partner with many top appliance brands, so go through the options available and select the best appliances according to your need.


Conclusion: The above mentioned tips are aimed at helping you customize your modular kitchen right. Being aware of your specific requirements is what you need to get the customization right. Even if you are not planning on having a modular kitchen, you can still learn which areas you must focus on while designing your kitchen to make it functional.




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