How to upgrade your modern Indian kitchen aesthetics?

How to upgrade your modern Indian kitchen aesthetics?

Indian kitchen ideas

The modern kitchen design concepts are changing the way the traditional kitchens were designed. The smart layouts, the beautiful features, amazing colors combinations are making heads turn. The kitchen design is all about getting the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. The kitchen aesthetics should not be taken lightly because now the kitchen area also entertains guests. This is now the place in your house where you prepare your meals, but at the same time you also entertain guests and family.


The modern homeowner too is now looking forward to having a kitchen space where they can relax and enjoy cooking surrounded by chic interior. If you have been planning on upgrading the aesthetics of your kitchen for some time now, then here are some ideas for modern kitchen design in India that you might want to pursue.


Tips to upgrade your modern Indian kitchen aesthetics:


A fresh coat of paint:


If you want to upgrade the kitchen aesthetics, you can start by giving your kitchen and all the elements it has, a fresh coat of paint. You can repaint your kitchen which is a great idea; if you are going to repaint the whole kitchen then consider changing the color. If you have an all white kitchen for example, then give it a colorful twist with bright and beautiful hues and transform it into a luxury kitchen. Explore which colors are in now, explore the trends but do not ape any trend just because it is being appreciated everywhere. Keep your theme in mind, and you should select a color accordingly.


The cabinets too should be repainted. Even if you are not too keen on changing the color of the entire kitchen, then you can upgrade the kitchen aesthetics just by changing the cabinet colors. Create a contrast or, choose complementary colors that will look good. Changing the hardware also helps.


Light up your kitchen:


Your kitchen lighting concept needs to undergo a sea change if you are truly contemplating to upgrade your kitchen. Nothing can work for your kitchen as beautifully, as the kitchen lighting. The kitchen should no longer be a gloomy place which has one light source that lights up just one area and the rest are in semi-darkness. Modern Indian kitchen ideas put extra stress on lighting, and lighting is all about layers now, there is no way you should let the kitchen have only a single light source. Scour the market and look for exciting lighting fixtures for the modern kitchen design in India. Look for beautiful pendants, chandeliers that can change the look of the kitchen, and turns it into a luxury kitchen. Ceiling lights will brighten up your space, furthermore, the addition of the task lighting will completely change the way the kitchen functions.


Add some open shelves:


If your kitchen has space above the countertop area, then you can easily make sure that this area could be utilized to enhance your aesthetics. Use this space to add some open shelving, these shelves are trending now! Add one long shelf, or, a two to three medium sized ones above the countertop, or, on the wall opposite. If you need some extra storage space, or, want to display some of your beautiful crockery pieces, then it is a great idea to add the shelves. You can even put small flower vases, crockery plates, your cookbooks, small sculptures, coffee mugs on these shelves. The addition of these shelves breaks the monotony of your kitchen space and allows you to add a new dimension.


Add some décor items:


Be ready to give your kitchen aesthetics a twist with the help of some well selected décor items. To enhance the brightness of the kitchen area, add a decorative mirror. This will not only enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen space, but will also brighten up the kitchen space as it will reflect the light. This will indeed brighten up the space and will also create the illusion of space. You can select some wall stickers, wall hanging; even decorative mini lamps would do the trick for you. Adding artificial plants in attractive pots will add some nice refreshing touch to your Indian kitchen ideas as well.


Add some pops of color:


You can certainly add some pops of color to your kitchen and freshen up your overall kitchen design in India. You can add colorful crockery, colorful accessories, towels, coffee mugs. You can also add colorful flowers even if these are artificial, and include colorful vases. While choosing lighting fixtures, open shelves, give preference to bright colors. Another great idea would be to work on the backsplash. Most of the time the backsplash is not given the necessary attention, but when you remodel your kitchen or, upgrade its aesthetics you need to change the backsplash and keeping in mind the overall theme of your kitchen you should add a colorful backsplash.


Conclusion: Those were a couple of ideas we have put together to help you improve your kitchen aesthetics. You might also love to brainstorm some unique ideas of your own, and mix and match ideas. Make sure that your kitchen is a healthy place which is beautiful and highly efficient.


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