Looking To Implement An Island Kitchen Layout In Your Modular Kitchen Design? Here Are The Pros And Cons That You Should Check Out

Looking To Implement An Island Kitchen Layout In Your Modular Kitchen Design? Here Are The Pros And Cons That You Should Check Out

Looking To Implement An Island Kitchen Layout In Your Modular Kitchen Design

The island kitchen layout style is quite a popular style among the kitchen users. The kitchen island is a unique element that is indeed changing the way kitchen is used. The kitchen island can be used for storage purposes, for doubling up as a work station, the kitchen island can also be the focal point in a kitchen and it can enhance the kitchen aesthetics. Now that the modern kitchen has started being utilized for multiple purposes, the kitchen island might come in quite handy for the modern home owners. However, before you implement an island kitchen layout in your modular kitchen design, you should consider checking out the pros and cons of this layout.


What are the pros and cons of an island modular kitchen design?


The island kitchen layout consists of a kitchen island that is placed in the middle of the kitchen; the kitchen island style varies and there are many styles available for different kitchen requirements. Before implementing an island it is advisable to explore the styles available.  Now let’s take a look at the pros of having a island kitchen layout in your modular kitchen in Bangalore.


The pros of having an island kitchen layout:


Modular Kitchen design

You have more meal preparation area:


The meal preparation area needs to be spacious enough for you to carry out all the tasks without feeling obstructed. Usually in the kitchen the countertop area always does not offer the required meal prep space; a kitchen island can solve this issue in a jiffy.  You have to choose the right island style that comes with adequate countertop area. You must choose the material for the countertop carefully, because you will engage in meal preparation, therefore, the material must be sturdy enough. On the other hand, keep your plumbing outlet in mind, before you place the island. Learn about the installation cost of a kitchen island while doing research about modular kitchen cost in Mumbai.


You can find additional storage space:


A kitchen island can solve the storage problem in any kitchen. The island can house a number of kitchen cabinets, drawers and offer some additional storage space in your modular kitchen design. With the kitchen island supporting your kitchen storage requirement, you can keep the clutter away from your kitchen. You can utilize the storage section the way you want; the island can be your store house for the grocery items or you can install tandem drawers to put big utensils. All in the kitchen island can take care of your storage requirements.


The kitchen island can be your serving area:


The kitchen island in your modular kitchen in Bangalore can be the ideal serving area. You have to select the right island that can be used for food serving purposes, and chairs can be installed around the kitchen island. You can serve your family, and also entertain your guests by adding the right seating options around the island. However, keep the number of people in mind, and also leave enough space around the island so that people can move around without bumping into the island.


The cons of having an island kitchen layout:


It might cause blockage in the kitchen:


The kitchen island, if not strategically planned and placed will cause blockage in the kitchen. Especially in a modular kitchen where there is not much space available, the island might become an obstacle. In such a kitchen it is advisable to plan the island kitchen layout after much consideration; if there is space limitation then find other alternatives. Always select the kitchen island style that will suit your space and requirement without causing any hindrance to the kitchen work flow.


The kitchen island can add to your cost:


The island kitchen layout is stunning, but it can be costly. Depending upon your kitchen island style that you select the cost will vary. The islands do not come cheap, but you can find something within your budget. As you learn about the modular kitchen cost in Mumbai, talk to the dealers about the cost of an island and pick one that suits your requirement and budget the most. Do not settle for an island just for the aesthetic purposes.


 The kitchen work triangle might get disrupted:


The kitchen work triangle is a must for ensuring kitchen functionality, but when you include an island in your modular kitchen design you have to be careful. If it blocks the triangle then your kitchen efficiency will be affected and you will have problem navigating around the kitchen. Therefore, you should check how the work triangle can be maintained while implementing the kitchen island.



The island kitchen layout has both pros and cons, you should be aware of both before you opt for this layout. If you do not have any requirement for an island then let it be, and find a layout that will help you maximize the space you have in the kitchen.





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