#Myhäckerstory: Rahul & Esha Bahl Hacker Modular Kitchen, A Blend of Luxury and Practicality

#Myhäckerstory: Rahul & Esha Bahl Hacker Modular Kitchen, A Blend of Luxury and Practicality

#Myhäckerstory: Rahul & Esha Bahl Hacker Modular Kitchen, A Blend of Luxury and Practicality

Whenever you think of a modular kitchen, it is the stunning aesthetics that come to the mind. But a modular kitchen design is more than design aesthetics; a modular kitchen is functional, which helps in streamlining the workflow in the kitchen.


Hacker Kitchens is a premier German modular kitchen company whose modular kitchen models are celebrated for their bespoke design and unrivaled functionality. We have been catering to the Indian kitchen space for more than 19 years now, designing seamless luxury modular kitchens that are functional and reflect our client’s style.


In our #MyHäckerStory section, we introduce you to our happy and satisfied customers who cherish their Hacker modular kitchens.


Today we will take you to New Delhi, where Rahul and Esha Bahl will share their Hacker Kitchen story. The couple has four Hacker modular kitchens in their luxury home. They adore their modular kitchen designs that reflect the ideal balance of elegance and functionality.


Let’s learn about their Hacker Kitchens journey here.


Luxury modular kitchen design in Delhi: Rahul & Esha Bahl


Rahul and Esha Bahl built their home in New Delhi two years ago, and they live with their two lovely daughters. They have four Hacker modular kitchens in their home, one on each of the ground, first, second, and third floors.


Esha Bahl is passionate about interiors, and she was planning her dream project i.e. her new home for a long time and did a lot of research to find the best solutions. When it came to designing kitchens at their place, they conducted a thorough research and finally settled for Hacker Kitchens.


What were their reasons for selecting Hacker Kitchens?


When asked about the reasons they settled for Hacker Kitchen, Esha Bahl emphasized that there were more reasons than one to choose the brand.


The first reason was the fact that it is a premier German kitchen brand that promises durability.


Hacker Kitchens is a top German kitchen manufacturing company, and our products are 100% German-made. Unrivaled German engineering, bespoke designs, and finest materials mark every design that we craft at our automated German manufacturing units. We also put our products through rigorous quality checks to ensure that each Hacker modular kitchen model is sturdy, durable, and functional that can stand the test of time.


The design was the second reason why the couple chose the brand.


 At Hacker Kitchens, we customize a modular kitchen design as per the customer’s requirements. We offer an array of the latest luxury modular kitchen designs, replete with functional and trendy features that enable us to create an intimate space for the user that reflects their personal style.


Esha Bahl further emphasized that she had been planning her dream kitchen for long enough to know what she wanted in terms of design and color scheme. She wanted her kitchen to flaunt the Charcoal Grey and Balinese Woody colors, which, “came together beautifully with Hacker”.


At Hacker Kitchens, we understand that the design requirements vary, and we are always ready to cater to any style requirement. With Hacker Kitchens, you can access the NCS color system, which offers more than 1,950 colors. Create a beautiful kitchen with us.



What do they love about their Hacker modular kitchens?


Both Rahul and Esha Bahl love to cook and love to be in the kitchen preparing meals for the family. Each has their own reasons to love their Hacker modular kitchen designs. Here’s what they have to say:


Rahul Bahl:


He loves to cook, and he appreciates the fact that their kitchens are ‘made-to-use’ for a single person and there is no requirement for any kitchen help. He loves stepping into the kitchen to cook and appreciates how well the design has been planned out and executed.


Rahul’s favorite part of the luxury kitchens is the design, which is uber luxurious and also highly practical. This perfect blend of design and functionality is amazing.


Esha Bahl:

Her kitchen is the heart of the home; she frequently goes into the kitchens, and she loves how everything is so accessible.


Esha’s favorite part of the kitchen is the functionality. She loves how easily she can open a drawer and access what she needs. It is a very easy-to-use kitchen. Her daughters also cook sometimes in the kitchen, and she can implicitly trust Hacker Kitchens as the brand ensures safety and durability.


Esha emphasizes that her Hacker modular luxury kitchens are still the same as they were two years ago when they were installed.


To Rahul Bahl, Hacker Kitchen is the most beautiful and practical kitchen, and he praises the brand’s service, especially the after-sales service which in his words is ‘phenomenal’.


Rahul Bahl wraps up by saying, “It is the kitchen to go for any new person looking to get a kitchen.”


That was Rahul and Esha Bahl’s #MyHäckerStory. They appreciated the blend of luxury kitchen designs and functionality that come with every design we create. We always strive to achieve perfection and push ourselves to craft the kitchen that our clients desire. Stay tuned to learn more such stories and visit our showroom to select your Hacker kitchen.


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    Working as interior designer at Hacker Kitchens has been an incredible journey of 10 years, filled with growth, creativity, and fulfillment. The supportive work environment, emphasis on collaboration, commitment to excellence, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on spaces and lives have made this experience truly exceptional. I am proud to be a part of Hacker Kichens and excited to continue contributing to its success in the future.

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