Modular kitchen myths busted for you!

Modular kitchen myths busted for you!

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The modular kitchen is anything but a new concept for us now. It’s been decades since the modular kitchen has made its powerful presence felt in the kitchen arena. The concept was unique in so many ways, but it was the functionality of a modular kitchen that makes it appealing to modern home owners.


The modular kitchen is now being installed in many homes across the country. It fits the urban lifestyle like a glove making the kitchen chores easier. However, taking the decision to invest in a modular kitchen is going to be a significant one. There are some myths surrounding the modular kitchen concept though, which often prevent people from taking the right decision. Even though the modular kitchen models look amazing, people still hesitate because of these myths.


So, in this article we are going to bust some common myths about modular kitchens, to help you take the right decision without any hesitation.


Modular kitchen myths: What to know



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Myth: The quality is not good enough


There is a common misconception that the modular kitchens are manufactured with shoddy materials.


Truth: The modular kitchen is far from being inferior in quality, in fact, the modular kitchen brands invest in only premium quality materials that assure durability. There are a variety of materials to choose from when you approach the dealer. You can find materials that are meant to keep your kitchen clean, beautiful, and absolutely sturdy for years to come; modular kitchen ideas are aimed at enhancing kitchen functionality. When you visit a store you can easily learn about the materials available.


Myth: It is factory-made and not customizable


Another myth that surrounds the modular kitchen concept is that, these are manufactured in a factory which means they are not customizable.


Truth: The truth is customization is one of the key features of a modular kitchen. The reason home owners flock to this concept is purely because of the fact that a modular kitchen can easily be customized. You can choose any latest modular kitchen design that you find interesting, and you can reach out to the modular kitchen dealer and talk about how you want it to be exclusively tailor-made for you. Be it the cabinet style, or, the finish you can customize every bit of it to make the kitchen absolutely suitable to your taste.


Myth: Not affordable


One of the biggest myths that surround the modular kitchen concept is that it is too pricey, and hence it is not at all affordable.


Truth: The modular kitchens do come with a price tag, but that does not mean it is unaffordable. The modular kitchen companies have a variety of modular kitchen models to offer and the price varies from one model to the other. Selection of materials, layouts, modules, and other factors play the deciding role in determining the cost of a modular kitchen. It is absolutely possible to design a modular kitchen within your budget. Furthermore, you also have to factor in the fact that with a modular kitchen the recurring costs regarding repairing and replacements would be low. The modular kitchen is going to be your asset for years to come.


Myth: Cleaning is tough


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It is assumed that cleaning a modular kitchen will be a difficult feat to achieve. The modular kitchen modules would be harder to clean, and that is another myth that needs to be cleared away.


Truth: The modular kitchen is easy to maintain, and there is no need to feel worried that it might get dirty. You just have to know that the modular kitchen can be easily cleaned, because modular kitchen ideas are smart and are focused on creating functional kitchen spaces. The modular kitchen cabinets and other modules have the pull-out design which makes it easier for anybody to clean them. Furthermore, these modules are detachable which is why you can easily get the deep-cleaning done whenever you want without disturbing the whole set-up.


Myth: It cannot be reused


One more myth that often confuses people is that, a modular kitchen is not reusable.



Truth: The modular kitchen can be reused whenever you need to relocate. The biggest benefit of the modular kitchen is that the units could be easily detached. Just take a look at any latest modular kitchen design, every single module of that design could be detached, packed and moved to your new home. If any part requires repairing or, even replacing that could be easily done without any hassle.


Myth: It is a passing trend


There is also the myth that the modular kitchen is just a trend and it won’t be here for long. So why invest?


Truth: The concept of modular kitchen is not new; it dates back to the 1960s. However, the concept has evolved over time and started being gradually adopted across households. The modular kitchen is not a passing trend; it is a perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality. This concept is winning hearts because it makes the kitchen space highly functional. The modular kitchen models, fit the urban lifestyle not only in terms of look, but also in terms of efficiency. The modular kitchen design assures a hassle-free kitchen experience, something the users will always look forward to.



Conclusion: Those were some modular kitchen myths, which often create misunderstandings. Due to lack of information, these myths start to confuse people. Each of these myths have been addressed here and busted for you, if you need more clarification then you can reach out to a modular kitchen dealer and seek information.






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