Modular kitchen trends 2022: What to expect?

Modular kitchen trends 2022: What to expect?

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As we are getting ready to leave the old behind and welcome a brand new year, it is time to hit the refresh button. A new year not only brings with it new possibilities, but it also ushers in new trends. Trends keep on emerging every year and some fade out while others remain. The modular kitchen design too undergoes changes due to the constant research works that take place to enhance the functionality of the kitchen and also kitchen aesthetics. Not everyone might be interested in following trends, but learning about them can help you in a big way when you finally get down to design your modular kitchen. So, here’s taking a look at the trends that are likely to be popular in the coming year.


Modular kitchen trends 2022:


The contrast is in:


One of the biggest trends that might hit the Indian modular kitchens this year would be the contrast in colors. The kitchen is no longer white and even complementary colors might not be a favorite of many, instead there will be an inclination towards the contrasting colors. The modular kitchen design is veering towards having contrasting colors that do not jar but make the kitchen colorful as different shades splash the cabinets, countertops. Also the white kitchen is no longer an option, as the New Year approaches people will prefer darker shades that are going to add warmth and at the same time add some depth to the kitchen dynamics. If you want to plan a luxury kitchen then the dark colors would be the must-have choices, grey is certainly emerging as a tough contender you must watch out for.


The edges are going to soften:


Usually we are used to having the countertops, islands having sharp angles. This time around the edges are going to change into soft rounded curves. This would not only add a softer touch to the kitchen, but also would make things safer for the users. Furthermore, the glossy finish is no longer the demand; the new trend is shifting towards a matte finish which will complement the darker shades in your modular kitchen just right.


Kitchen islands will serve multiple purposes:


The kitchen island is here to stay, gradually the kitchen islands have been gaining popularity. In recent times the utilities that a kitchen island offers, have impressed the home owners. The addition of a kitchen island could certainly add that much needed edge to the kitchen design, not to mention also boosts the functionality of the kitchen. The kitchen island is definitely going to be included in this year’s kitchen design as well, and the island will be designed to serve multiple purposes. You might expect the islands to come complete with cook tops, and other appliances, as well as a sink. With the trend veering towards creating an entertainment zone,the kitchen island would undergo more transformations, and most importantly the islands will have different layers as well. Visit modular kitchen companies in Mumbai, to get more ideas about it.


Layout gets simpler:


The kitchen layout too would go through some changes, since the very concept of the modular kitchen is all about convenience and customization, it is needless to point out that ultimately it is you who would decide the layout of the kitchen. However, the popularity of the straight-line layout is quite high. So, unless you have to use the corner space you can try out the simple layouts which are now being given preference for being so flexible and having a clean, minimalistic look. The overall modular kitchen design is now sleeker.


Smart kitchens are in:


We are welcoming the digital into our lives, and the kitchen is a place that needs to be upgraded with the right digital touch. The kitchen can be upgraded with built-in smart appliances that will not only enhance the functionality of your kitchen, but will also make things more convenient. Explore the modular kitchen companies in Mumbai, and learn about their appliance partners so that you can handpick yours.


Different zones:


One more thing to watch out for would be the creation of different zones in the kitchen. The kitchen area is not only the place to cook food in, but it is also the place where you shift different activities. Especially due to the pandemic many people are working from home and they are turning to their well designed luxury kitchen spaces for attending the meetings and for working. As more time is being spent in the kitchen area, there is likely to be an entertainment zone, WFH zone, serving zone. The selection of the layout needs to be such, that different zones permitting multiple activities could be created.


Keep your eyes open to catch new trends as they surface with the beginning of next year. You might appreciate some trends, while the others might not seem feasible for your place or, suitable to your taste. However, whenever you plan on having your kitchen, focus on creating a kitchen design that is convenient and chic.


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