5 modular kitchen trends that cannot be ignored!

5 modular kitchen trends that cannot be ignored!

modular kitchen

The modular kitchen is undoubtedly the most efficiently designed kitchen out there, with cutting edge features and stunning aesthetics the concept is hard to ignore! Especially now that the modern apartment kitchens are replacing the traditional kitchen design in order to cope with the fast-paced lifestyle, the modular kitchen designs are now turning out to be popular choices. The design for modular kitchen is indeed the perfect blend of style and efficiency which is constantly evolving.


New trends emerge to better customer experience. Some of these trends are simply brilliant and they enhance the kitchen functionality, whether or, not someone is interested in investing in the modular kitchen concept, staying aware of these trends will enrich your knowledge regarding kitchen design. You could be better prepared when you design your modular kitchen, if you keep these trends in mind.


Modular kitchen trends you should try out:


Open shelving is now in:


The storage modules are definitely the most important elements in the modular kitchen, as the layout can be customized to suit individual customer needs you can build as many storage modules as you would need. Along with the storage modules you should consider exploring the open shelving option. Open shelving is certainly one of the coolest features that is trending now. Whether you explore the latest trends in modular kitchens in Chennai, or, elsewhere, you would find that features continue to change and some actually help enhance the functionality. Open shelving is one such a feature which definitely is a simple yet highly effective feature that definitely changes your experience.


You should consider exploring this particular trend as the open shelves help optimize the space you have in the kitchen. Especially in a small and narrow kitchen space where you do not have much space for cabinets and drawers, having a couple of open shelves is the smarter choice. You can easily put essentials on these shelves, and keep things sorted and, even if you have a spacious kitchen you should use the shelves for aesthetic value.


The islands are perfect for your kitchen:


If you have been studying the modular kitchen layouts lately then you must have come across some amazing kitchen islands which are sitting pretty in the middle of the kitchen. With the kitchen islands you can certainly transform your modular kitchen in a jiffy. The islands serve multiple purposes, from being just a feature or, the entertainment zone in the kitchen to being a fully functional second workstation, you can expect it to be anything you want. However, this trend is suitable for a spacious kitchen or, even an open kitchen. But in a small kitchen you can use a smaller and portable version of the island as well. You can install sink, cabinets, drawers and it turns into another workstation so that a second cook can use it , you can also install a cooktop. Using it for the aesthetic purposes also makes sense, you can have double islands or, you can have island with different tiers, one could be used as the workstation, while the other could be the serving area.


The cool layouts:


The best way to utilize the kitchen space you have is to ensure you come up with the right layout. The modular kitchen designs are now turning out to be popular choices. The design for modular kitchen needs to be carefully planned so that you can optimize the space you have, and the latest trendy layouts only help you do that. You can choose from the L-shaped layout, the U-shaped layout, the parallel layout, straight-line layout, island layout. Each comes with distinct advantages and you have to plan your layout according to your available space. You can easily opt for the L-shaped layout if you have an open kitchen, the parallel shape would work better in a long but narrow space. The corner areas too could be utilized with the help of these layouts as you will have access to the corner cabinets and drawers. Before you zero in on a feature, make sure that you keep your specifications in mind.



The sleek storage modules:


Another big trend that you should not miss out on is the sleek storage modules including the clean-lined cabinets, and drawers. The cabinets are no longer the bulky versions of the past with equally bulky hardware, the clean-lined cabinets are in. Explore the trend and opt for handle-less cabinet doors that could be operated during the rush hours with a light touch, the organizers that come with them would help you store your items in an organized manner.


The drawers too are built to perfection, a combination of deep and shallow drawers will enhance the functionality of your kitchen, the accessibility of the drawer accessories for the corner areas would enable you to store things without any hassle. The sleek designs are just perfect fit for the modular kitchens in Chennai.



The pantry is trending:



One of the most beneficial trends of the modular kitchen is the inclusion of the pantry in the kitchen layout. The traditional way of keeping all the grocery essentials in the cabinets is no longer accepted, and the trend of including the pantry section makes things easier. The latest modular kitchen designs include pantry of different styles, you can have a separate units, a tall-unit, or, have something with a door style. The pantry section enables you to keep your grocery items separate from the other items and thereby ensures there is no clutter, no mess, and no problem in accessing an item during your regular kitchen rush. The pantry design and size would depend on the space you have, if you want to keep it sleek then a sliding one would be an ideal fit. Include the pantry to keep things sorted.


Those were 5 trends of modular kitchen that you have to keep in mind. The design for modular kitchen is all about making the kitchen functional and all these trends aim to do that. So, keep these in mind whenever you consider designing or, remodeling your kitchen.


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