Modular kitchen vs carpenter made kitchen: Which one to opt for?

Modular kitchen vs carpenter made kitchen: Which one to opt for?

Modular kitchen vs carpenter made kitchen Which one to opt for

When you plan your first kitchen, there are several considerations that you need to keep in mind. One of the most perplexing decisions to take would be deciding whether to settle for the usual carpenter-made kitchen or, should you finally take the bold step and get that modular kitchen model you have been dying to get. Since the modular kitchen concept is comparatively newer, there is still some uncertainty among the homeowners regarding the concept, especially because of the high price tags.

The modular kitchens are no doubt the most efficient version of the kitchen available, but the modern elegant kitchen designs come with befitting price tags. The uncertainty and unfamiliarity make modular kitchens a baffling concept. On the other hand, the carpenter-made kitchens are something we are used to having around. Comparatively cheaper in price, these kitchens are the go-to solutions for us. There is familiarity and we know what to expect, but these kitchens cannot be on par with modular versions in terms of efficiency. So, which way should you turn?


Modular Kitchen vs Carpenter Made Kitchen: The Pros and The Cons


Let’s compare the pros and cons of each design here before we reach the final verdict. Unless we compare we would never figure it out. So, let’s get the comparison done.




Modular Kitchen:
  • When you approach the best modular kitchen designers in Chennai, you do understand that these kitchens are worth every buck you invest. Yes, these models are expensive but for good reasons, premium quality materials, efficient design, smart features, precision engineering are part of the package.

  • The price would vary depending on the materials you choose, the customizations that you opt for. But this kitchen would be durable and the chances of recurring costs are a bare minimum.

Carpenter Made Kitchen:
  • Definitely easier on the pocket, and you could also get the negotiation done to make the price more suitable for you. But the chances of recurring costs remain, as the quality is not guaranteed and you might need to get things repaired or replaced later.



Modular Kitchen:
  • A modular kitchen takes the cake in this department. A flawless intelligent layout complete with spectacular color combinations, and a professional finish await you. Would fit your specific kitchen space like a glove, not a single corner would go to waste. Maximum utilization of available space.

  • The latest kitchen trends could be incorporated.

Carpenter Made Kitchen:
  • It would be nowhere near the quality of a modular kitchen, you cannot expect the latest trends that are sweeping the modern kitchen spaces. The carpenters won’t be able to incorporate the style and most importantly it would take a highly skilled carpenter to come up with a satisfying design.

  • Utilization of the space, the finish would not be as topnotch as a modular kitchen design.


Modular Kitchen:
  • Everything is factory-made, so, the process is hassle-free from the finalization of design to deliver the units, the entire process takes place real fast.

  • The modules are manufactured in the factory and the installation is also is fast, so there is no chance of a mess.

Carpenter Made Kitchen:
  • Lengthy procedure and there could be glitches and unexpected delays. Since everything is handmade it takes time.

  • The construction process takes place in your house, so, be ready to deal with the mess and the inconvenience of supervising the whole process.


Modular Kitchen:
  • The modular kitchens need good maintenance and you must ensure that the sheen of your modular kitchen remains as brilliant as ever. Choose the materials wisely, when you visit the modular kitchen stores in Indore, ask about material suggestions that are easy to maintain.

  • The modules can be easily assembled and taken apart so cleaning gets easier and you can also pack it and move if you are relocating.

Carpenter Made Kitchen:
  • Cleaning and maintenance can be an issue, here you cannot reach all places since everything is fixed.  Again the kind of material that you choose would be essential.

  • If you are relocating you cannot take out any part, so you have to leave it behind.


Modular Kitchen:
  • The modular kitchen would be highly functional, as from the kitchen layout to the cabinet design, every element would be designed to increase efficiency.

  • The ideal work triangle, adequate storage, modular kitchen accessories would make working in the kitchen a breeze.

Carpenter Made Kitchen:
  • The level of efficiency is not high, be it kitchen design, storage solution or, accessories everything would depend on your knowledge and your carpenter’s skill.

  • But even with the best combination, the handmade designs can hardly beat the precision engineering and factory-made finish.


Now, we have reached the conclusion and after comparison and much deliberation, it is crystal clear that a modular kitchen design is miles ahead of a carpenter-made kitchen design. Yes, the price point might be the only issue that might make you halt, but, this investment is going to take your kitchen hassles away. So, stop deliberating and get a modular kitchen today!



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