Planning a modular kitchen? Here’s your checklist

Planning a modular kitchen? Here’s your checklist

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The kitchen design has been through many transformations and over the last few years, the modular kitchen concept has made its mark as the ultimate blend of functionality and kitchen aesthetics. No doubt the modular kitchen concept is catching on and Indian homes are making room for modular kitchens. The decision to invest in a modular kitchen makes sense as this is going to be a long-term investment, so there is a need to ensure the planning process remains flawless. Before reaching out to modular kitchen companies, it is best to have a plan ready, here’s a checklist that might come handy.



Things to keep in mind while planning a modular kitchen:


The layout must be given prominence:


When you are planning a modular kitchen, there is no way you can take things for granted. The kitchen needs to have a specific layout within which the modules will be arranged. Selecting the right layout can be the first step in modular kitchen planning which should never be ignored. Talk to the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi, to learn about the available layouts. For a small, kitchen that does not stay too busy the straight-line layout would be absolutely perfect. On the other hand for a busy kitchen which has big storage needs and also involves two cooks, the U shaped layout would be right. An L-shaped layout on the other hand is perfect for an open kitchen concept.


Calculate your storage modules:


The modular kitchen is known for its utility, and it is a known fact that you can have customized storage modules to keep your kitchen clutter-free. So, you have to be selective regarding your choice of storage modules. Explore the top modular kitchen brands in India, learn about the storage modules they each have to offer and also meanwhile calculate what you need to store and how. You have your kitchen essentials, utensils including pots and pans, plates, crockery, cutlery, accessories, grocery. Segment everything according to their daily usage pattern and then decide which modules would be right. Just because it is the kitchen you do not always need to think in terms of cabinets, include some cabinets but go for pull-out drawers both deep and shallow. The placement of the modules should be as such, you can access them without any problem. Take advantage of the current trends and learn what is on offer now. You can certainly take advantage of the open shelf concept which not only solves the storage problem, but also adds to the kitchen aesthetics.


The materials must be carefully selected:


When it comes to materials selection you need to be careful with your choices. While searching for modular kitchen companies, you should also look for the right materials for the modular kitchen. You are investing a significant sum of money, so durability is definitely going to matter. Choose materials that are going to be absolutely simple to maintain and durable. The materials for the kitchen countertop should be selected keeping in mind the fact that it would be subjected to moisture on a regular basis, and heat. So, the material must be water resistant and sturdy enough while being easy to clean. Also choose materials which are not porous, as these might get stained.


The modular kitchen accessories:


If you are going to have a modular kitchen, then how can you forget the modular kitchen accessories? Do not opt for anything and everything that you see while visiting showrooms and talking to the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi. Find out what you need and keep things simple. The pull-out baskets would be quite a good option, along with the cutlery organizers. For small and narrow spaces the tall units would be perfect sliding in and out as per your necessity. You should also get some corner units if your layout is L-shaped.


The appliances:


The benefit of opting for the top modular kitchen brands in India, is that you will have access to top class appliances. This is definitely something that you should be keeping track of, before you rush to make any decision, figure out which appliances you must have and learn about the brands that are available. Find out about the features, learn whether energy efficient versions are available or, not and do not neglect a good chimney. A modular kitchen or, any kitchen needs a good chimney.


Those are the pointers you must keep in mind before you start talking to the modular kitchen companies. Having your own check list will help you come up with the perfect modular kitchen that will definitely help you in a big way.



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