How Do You Style Open Shelves in Your Modular Kitchen Design? Explore These Tips!

How Do You Style Open Shelves in Your Modular Kitchen Design? Explore These Tips!

How Do You Style Open Shelves in Your Modular Kitchen Design? Explore These Tips!

Open shelves are a versatile feature that has been trending for the last couple of years and is still going strong. It can be spotted in kitchens of varying sizes because it can seamlessly fit into a kitchen of any style.


The popularity of open shelves stems from the fact that they combine functionality and style effortlessly. If you are planning a modular kitchen design, give them some thought.


However, the only tricky part about open shelves is the styling. But we have put together some styling tips for the open shelves in your modular kitchen design that you must check out.


Modular kitchen design guide: How to style open shelves?


Unless you take a measured approach to decorating your open shelves, it might become a daunting task. You must decorate them in such a way that they serve their storage purpose while reflecting your personal style. You want them to flaunt a cohesive look, and putting random things together would lead to visual clutter.


Should you skip the open shelving, then? No, you shouldn’t, as they offer benefits such as-

  • Open shelves are perfect storage options for a small modular kitchen design.
  • Open shelving opens up a kitchen, making it appear larger.
  • Open shelving is more accessible than overhead cabinets.
  • Open shelving is inexpensive.
  • Open shelves come in myriad shapes and sizes and are ideal for your modern kitchen design.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of open shelving, it is time to explore the styling tips!


Tips to style open shelves in your modular kitchen design:


  • Mix practical items with decorative items:


Although it will vary depending on how you plan to use the shelves in your modular kitchen, you may consider mixing functionality with style. Instead of only putting kitchenware, spice jars, and other everyday kitchen stuff or exquisite décor pieces, why don’t you mix and match?


If there is a stack of 3 or 4 shelves in the kitchen, reserve one shelf for storing your favorite coffee mugs, everyday plates, and small mason jars; for the next shelf, select small décor pieces, candles, decorative clay pots, etc. A modern kitchen design allows you to be creative with your choices.


However, in a small modular kitchen design, the stress would be on storage, but you can break the monotony by putting an accessory in the middle of each shelf.


  • Put glassware and crockery sets on your shelves.

The open shelving in your modular kitchen design gives you the perfect opportunity to display your finest glassware along with your precious crockery sets. But keep in mind that open shelving in your modern kitchen design would attract dust. Therefore, you must clean them regularly or frequently.


It is best to select the glassware and crockery that you use frequently instead of the ones that you will probably take out once a year. If you host parties at your place often, or if you have guests over for dinner frequently and entertain them in your luxury kitchen, then it makes sense to put your glassware and crockery on the open shelves.


  • Put books on the shelves in your modular kitchen.

If you own multiple cookbooks and do not know where to put them, then turn to the open shelves in your luxury modern kitchen design. You can fill up an entire shelf with books, or you can put the books on one edge and balance the look by placing a small, delicate décor piece such as a vase on the other edge.


While decorating your open shelving, never put heavier objects in the middle; always stash them in the back or on the edge of the shelf. Lighter objects should be placed on the front. It helps create a balance.


  • Add greenery with indoor plants:

Nothing can be more versatile than lush green plants on your open shelves. Redefine your modern kitchen design by adding greenery to your kitchen. Choose kitchen plants wisely, and also look for planters in quirky shapes and colors. You can also take a practical approach and grow herbs that you use in your cooking every day. It is a great way to have a mini kitchen garden in your luxury kitchen.


  • Select items of varying shapes and sizes:

Whether you use ornaments, accessories, vases, cookbooks, or something else to style the open shelves, you should select items of varying shapes and sizes to create a dynamic look.


 If you are putting tall vases on the shelf in your luxury kitchen, you must contrast that with a medium-sized piece, followed by small items.


Strike the right balance by putting items with similar colors, patterns, and materials together. Create a layered look by placing items in rows, such as smaller items on the front and heavier or larger items on the back. However, be careful with layering; do not end up creating a clutter. Leave empty spaces to create a visual balance.


Open shelving is a great addition to your modular kitchen design. Select the right size and shape according to your needs. However, regular maintenance is a must for these shelves, so do not forget to clean them; otherwise, they will collect dust. At Hacker Kitchens, we experiment with style and innovate new features to design modular kitchen models. Reach out to us to customize your modular kitchen design.


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