The Kitchen For Any Home: How To Customize Your White Kitchen

The Kitchen For Any Home: How To Customize Your White Kitchen

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You could claim a white kitchen is boring, but there are so many ways a white kitchen can look completely your own, while still giving off an elegant, timeless vibe. The colour white naturally reflects the most amount of light so it can brighten up a kitchen that may not have much natural light coming in. The colour also makes a smaller space look more spacious and open. Also, the colour naturally makes everything look neater, so even if you’ve got forgotten dishes still in the sink, a white kitchen will continue to hold its head up high. A bright, white German modular kitchen makes the morning rush feel more calm and serene and helps you get in a good mood to kick off your day.


Go green


You can never go wrong with nature: bring in a kitchen garden, some houseplants, or even little succulents for those of us not gifted with the green thumb, plants can help your white kitchen feel like it’s your own. Besides, more plants in the world won’t hurt anybody! It’s also great to grow herbs that you can use every day in your cooking and that even gives a greater feeling of satisfaction with the meal. Not only that, but even a flower vase or two can brighten up a room and your mood.




If you’re someone who’s got quite the eye for art, then you should consider buying some to put up in your kitchen! For those who’ve got the talent, painting a few accents on some of your cabinets can really make the space look more lively. Who knows, maybe you can make it an art project with the young artists in your life to create a statement piece for your kitchen! You can also shop some of our pieces here.


Simply put


You can also invest in a large statement piece: this could be the colour of your kitchen island, your chairs or stools, or even a rack for your dishes. Small details like your salt and pepper shakers or napkins can be made to match the splash of colour. You can get custom made decor by Hacker Kitchens. We can ensure your kitchen is lively and full of personality.


Splash of backsplash


An underrated part of the kitchen is the backsplash. With trendy patterns and bright colours, you can really breathe life into a quiet kitchen wall. You can either do a contrast colour or include the shade of white in your kitchen in the pattern of your tiles. This ties the whole place together and doesn’t make your backsplash look out of place. Including a few details here and there on your  cabinet doors and island counter to match these tiles.


Counter the colour:


If you don’t want to touch your backsplash, it’s great to use a neutral or earth tone to cover your countertop. To complement this you can add outlines to cabinet doors, artwork, or even your stools and chairs. If you go with a goldish tone, it’s a fun addition to even tint the tap on your sink and the attachments to it in gold. This can spruce up a white kitchen easily!


Add an Accent


When all else fails, you can add an accent colour to your kitchen to brighten it up. This takes less time and can be done within a day. After you’re done you’re free to add shades of the same colour throughout the kitchen: trimming on the other walls or your cabinets, the handles for your draws and shelves, or even add pendant lights over your island or dining table to revamp your kitchen.


The bottom line is, there’s no one way to switch up your kitchen! You can mix and match these options on your own or consult us at Hacker Kitchens for a kitchen renovation. We can help you get your dream luxury modular kitchen and give you more as we customise our care to match your vision.


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