How to design an Indian modular kitchen within your budget? Here are the tips you need

How to design an Indian modular kitchen within your budget? Here are the tips you need

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The modular kitchen concept is anything but new with more and more households opting for this. The elegance of a modular kitchen, and its functionality do make it a tempting choice for home owners, whose other alternative is a regular carpenter-made kitchen which neither matches the modular kitchen in terms of aesthetics, not in terms of functionality.


However, the modular kitchen price often makes it difficult for the home owners to give it any consideration. It is a fact that a modular kitchen cost in Mumbai is going to be high, but that does not mean it will be absolutely beyond the reach. The idea that it is a luxury product is not entirely true, you can build a modular kitchen within your budget if you just plan it right. Here are some tips that are meant to help you design the perfect modular kitchen within your budget. Check these out now!


Tips to design an Indian modular kitchen within your budget:


Be aware of your needs:


When you come across tempting modular kitchen ideas you should not make any impulsive decision on the basis of that. Opting for any random model would cost you more and the model might come with items and storage modules that your kitchen does not need. So, why should you pay a hefty price for it? To begin with you should learn about the modular kitchen price in Bangalore first, and learn about different models. Measure the kitchen space you have and also your specific requirements, this will allow you to have a clear idea regarding what exactly you need in terms of design. You can select an ideal layout for your place without paying for excess.



Figure out whether your kitchen will have one cook, or, two cooks, because the countertop and the workstation need to be designed accordingly. Also, the family size will matter in this regard; for a small kitchen, not many kitchen modules would be required. The items that you have to store in the kitchen including your utensils would decide the number of storage modules you need. This is certainly going to help your keep your cost within your budget.


Choose materials carefully:


The modular kitchen is customizable hence; you can pick the most suitable materials as well. If you are feeling worried about the modular kitchen price in Delhi, then you should go visit the showrooms and do your research on the available materials, finishes and their individual price tags. You can seriously find an exclusive range of materials that will fit your budget like a glove. However, you should also have to keep the durability and maintenance factors in mind. Among the available materials you can easily opt for laminates. Not only the material is affordable, but it is also durable. You can also opt for these options like PVC sheets, and even steel, wood veneers. For finishes you can select the acrylic. All in all look for options that will reduce the cost but add efficiency to your kitchen operations.


Explore brands:


A great idea is to explore brands, there are a number of modular kitchen brands available in the country, and you should shortlist the best ones. The more you learn about different brands, visit their showrooms, you can learn about different aspects of the modular kitchen models. Also learn about the pricing, if you want to be aware of the modular kitchen cost in Mumbai, then you must consider comparing the price tags of different brands, and this will help you get a clear idea about different models and at which price you should expect your hands on them.


Another benefit of visiting the showrooms is that you can learn about the customization options. You can easily find the solution that will help you to design a kitchen of your choice, and at the same time you can keep things within your budget. Comparing different price tags is most definitely the perfect way to find the ideal brand that will be within your budget.


The accessories must be chosen carefully:


If you want to design a modular kitchen within your budget then you have to keep track of the modular kitchen accessories you are including. When you learn about the modular kitchen price in Bangalore, you must consider learning about the accessories that are part of a modular kitchen model. There are a number of accessories available and their varieties are astounding. All of these accessories are meant for helping you with your kitchen work in a flawless manner.


However, when you opt for multiple accessories you have to be ready to shell out a huge amount of money. Why should you do that when your need to have access to perhaps a couple of them? You need to explore the available accessories and learn about their usage. You can easily find the accessories that your kitchen requires. Accessories like the magic corners would only be included if you are installing corner cabinets, thus if you keep on consulting your needs you would be able to shortlist only the necessary accessories and keep the modular kitchen cost in Mumbai within your budget too.


Opt for unique storage solutions:


When it comes to storage, you must calculate your items carefully before selecting the modules. The wisest thing to do would be to make a list of the items you are going to need on a daily basis in your kitchen. You can plan your storage for these items, and thus you can save money. There is no need to have a number of cabinets, and drawers when you can easily lower the modular kitchen price in Delhi. If you have only a couple of pots, and pans, utensils, and big plates, then you can easily opt for one or, two tandem drawers to keep them. Also you should think of innovative storage solutions that will help you save money, instead of cabinets and drawers you can easily select open shelves and use them for the storage of regular items. You can also opt for a pegboard backsplash that will help you keep all the accessories sorted, and this way you can save money on storage modules.


Conclusion: Keep these pointers in mind if you want to design a modular kitchen. Visit modular kitchen showrooms and talk to the dealers and learn about your options. The modular kitchen can be customized hence it could always fit different budgets and requirements.


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