6 tips to design the perfect cabinet for your Indian kitchen

6 tips to design the perfect cabinet for your Indian kitchen

Indian kitchen ideas

The kitchen is not only the place where the meal for the entire family is cooked, but you also store all the kitchen essentials there, so having access to the right storage modules matters. If you are well aware of the storage ideas then you would know that the kitchen cabinets in India are a popular choice for most households. Having spacious cabinets is definitely the way to go, as you can stock everything you need including your grocery, big utensils, crockery plates and whatnot. The cabinet design has changed over the last few years and the advent of the modular kitchen is most definitely changing things in a big way. If you are going to plan your kitchen soon, or, maybe you are considering a remodel soon, here are some tips that will help you design the perfect cabinet for your kitchen.


Indian kitchen design: Tips to design the right cabinets



Your kitchen style matters: The first thing that you should be keeping in mind is your kitchen style. Every kitchen whether it is a modular kitchen in Delhi, or, a carpenter made kitchen has a distinct style. It could be a traditional design, or, a modern design, while selecting your cabinets you need to keep that distinct style in mind. The kitchen interior definitely plays a key role in deciding the style of the cabinets, from the style to the colors everything must be in accordance with the kitchen style. Whether it is a big kitchen or, a small kitchen the cabinet style should be chosen in a way that it can integrate with other elements in a flawless manner while being absolutely convenient.


The cabinet style has to be ideal: Gone are the days when having a cabinet in the kitchen would mean having big cabinets with knobs. Now the Indian kitchen ideas have gone through a sea change, especially after the apartments and nuclear family concept started replacing the big, joint family structure. The kitchen space available in the apartments are not too spacious, so having big cabinets certainly does not make any sense. You need to think beyond the concept of traditional cabinets unless you have the space for them. You can look for space saving designs like corner cabinets for example which can help in optimizing the corner areas. With a smart carousel you can keep your spices and sauces neatly stocked there. Furthermore, you can say goodbye to knobs and pulls and instead could settle for glass cabinets which are more functional. Explore the latest trends in the kitchen cabinets in India, before you make a move.


Cabinet door style needs to be perfect: The cabinet is built for storing your essentials which you should be able to access without any issues. So, the cabinet door style must be chosen carefully. If you are planning on having something in the traditional style then the shaker style would be just perfect for you which has a timeless appeal and would also be perfect for your budget. If you want to have a modular kitchen in Delhi, then take the smart route and opt for push-to-open cabinets. For a modern apartment on the other hand, you can opt for the slab door style which can completely transform your kitchen. Go through different options before settling down for one.


Your cabinet size must be right: The size of your cabinets is another important factor that you should not ignore at all. The cabinet must be big enough to serve the purpose of storage, also it should not be disproportionate. However, only storage is not the main consideration here as a messy cabinet would not serve its purpose. Accessibility as well as functionality are both important factors, if you are building overhead cabinets then you should keep the height right. Even if you are getting a modular kitchen you should learn about the standard size of a cabinet and either stick to that size or, modify that according to your space. Incorporate organizers in the cabinet design to enhance the accessibility.


The kitchen cabinet material must be right: When it comes to choosing the cabinet material you must do your research first. Hardwood, plywood, steel, MDF are some of the options available out there. But before material selection you have to keep your budget, durability, aesthetics, in mind. If you want to build a sturdy cabinet then you can opt for hardwood, however, if you are worried about the issues that might crop up later with a wood cabinet then you should rather opt for laminate which is not only durable but is also highly affordable, and easy to clean. The modern Indian kitchen ideas are changing and new materials are making their way in.


Beautiful and functional cabinets are the best: Always remember that a kitchen must be beautiful and functional at the same time. Each element of the kitchen design must be chosen keeping this rule in mind, and the cabinets should not be an exception. While designing the kitchen cabinets you have to balance both aspects. Through the selection of the right materials, finish, color, and door style you can create the most aesthetically pleasing cabinet, on the other hand, by incorporating the organizers, and selecting the right style you can make it functional. Do your research on the popular styles of kitchen cabinets in India, before selecting one.


The above mentioned tips are aimed at helping you design the right cabinet for your kitchen. You should keep them in mind and also learn about the latest trends before you start making plan for yours. Even if you are not interested in designing a kitchen now, these tips can still help you start with a general idea when you finally design your own kitchen later.



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