What Are The Differences Between A Modular Kitchen And A Civil Kitchen?

What Are The Differences Between A Modular Kitchen And A Civil Kitchen?

What Are The Differences Between A Modular Kitchen And A Civil Kitchen

When it comes to designing a kitchen, you just have to ensure that you are investing in a kitchen design that is functional. The modular kitchen designs in India is indeed a popular choice now among the home owners. However, the civil kitchen is still being opted for as many users are not sure about the modular kitchen benefits and they also have the misconception that a modular kitchen will never fit their budget. Driven by this misconception they plan a civil kitchen which is not so functional and has other shortcomings. What should one opt for? What are the differences between a modular kitchen and a civil kitchen? The basic differences between these two kitchen concepts have been discussed here. Read on.


The differences between a modular kitchen and a civil kitchen:




A customized kitchen design would always be considered as the most functional kitchen design. If every aspect of the kitchen design is going to be customized according to your requirement then conducting the kitchen activities would be so much easier for you.


Civil kitchen:


A civil kitchen cannot be fully customized, the cabinets, and other fixtures would be fixed and there is very little option available in terms of customization. The kitchen will be devoid of the latest features or, tools because it would be designed by carpenters who do not have the skill or, knowledge required for incorporating these features.


Modular kitchen:


A modular kitchen in Delhi on the other hand would be fully customized, and we are not talking about just style or, color here, every single element will be customized to suit your needs. You just have to reach out to the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi, and tell them about your specific requirements. You can even select from a big range of materials and finishes, and customize the modular kitchen model. You also get to choose from different cabinet and drawer designs, and finalize one that fits your kitchen best. Your entire kitchen will have the latest features that you want and will be an ideal functional luxury kitchen design that is fully customized.




The cost of a kitchen design would not be small, and no matter which kitchen you are planning to opt for will come at a certain cost. Keep your budget in mind before you start designing your kitchen.


Civil kitchen:

In terms of cost the civil kitchen design would be more affordable. If you negotiate well with your carpenters you will be able to keep the cost within your budget. But there might be recurring costs later, because you might have to repair some parts of it, and even during the construction there might be hidden costs involved regarding materials, and other stuff that you have to bear.


Modular kitchen:


A modular kitchen is going to be on the higher side when cost is concerned. But if you reach out to the modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai and discuss your budget and requirement, you would be presented with options that will help you design your kitchen within your budget. Furthermore, a modular kitchen would be a durable kitchen and there would be hardly any recurring costs, or, hidden costs. The kitchen will last you for years and if you relocate you can pack up your modular kitchen and go, so your investment would not go to waste.




A kitchen must be cleaned and be well taken care of otherwise it would become dirty, and it would gradually affect the modular kitchen aesthetics as well.


Civil kitchen:


Unlike a modular kitchen design, civil kitchen is harder to clean and the task of maintenance is never easy. The reason being that there are not many material choices available, therefore, one has to make do with the available materials in the market which might not be easy to clean and last you long. The storage modules such as the cabinets will be fixed and hence it would not be easier to clean them as you cannot reach the deep corners. These would be harder to clean.


Modular kitchen:


The modular kitchen is easy to maintain, because the kitchen modules are all detachable. It means that the kitchen cabinets could be detached and could be deep cleaned as well when needed. On the other hand, you can select the materials for your modular kitchen and choose those materials, which are stain-resistant, and are easier to clean and also very durable. The modular kitchen dealers in Delhi can guide you in this matter and help you find the ideal material within your budget.




The kitchen functionality is of utmost importance now, and the kitchen users want a kitchen that is absolutely functional.


Civil kitchen:


The civil kitchen has a rigid structure, and due to that implementation of these features that aid to enhancing kitchen functionality would not be possible. The latest kitchen accessories or, module styles might not be easily implemented. Storing items, accessing the essentials, and keeping everything organized might be a problem, and since it is a civil kitchen the entire kitchen space will not be fully optimized and the corner spaces would be wasted.


Modular kitchen:


A modular kitchen design not only utilizes the kitchen space, but it also comes with latest module styles. The smart layouts would optimize the available space in the kitchen, and even the corner areas would be fully utilized with pull-out corner cabinets and drawers. If you approach the modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai, they will guide you regarding the latest modular kitchen accessories that would make everything more accessible in the kitchen, Furthermore, the tall-units, the pull-out baskets, would make kitchen an efficient place.




The differences between a modular kitchen and a civil kitchen are many. We have touched upon some of the core differences that set these two concepts apart. The installation of a modular kitchen is hassle-free and the civil kitchen construction can be messy. As the modular kitchen is customizable, and durable, easy on maintenance and high on functionality, it makes sense to invest in a modular kitchen.


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