5 modular kitchen design tips you didn’t know about

5 modular kitchen design tips you didn’t know about

modular kitchen in India

A modular kitchen can be such a precious addition to your home and given the kind of benefits a modular kitchen brings along, it makes sense to invest in one. If you take a look around you would be surprised to find that a good modular kitchen in India has become such a popular concept, especially in Urban India it is gradually becoming an integral part of a household. Although there is a generic concept regarding the modular kitchen design, in reality a lot of detailing goes into the designing  process. So, before you start your tour of the modular kitchen showrooms, you must zero in on the design of your kitchen.  Check out these 5 tips here that would make the job simpler for you.


Modular kitchen design tips:


The material


One of the crucial elements of any modular kitchen would be the materials, and this is where you must put your focus on as a lot depends on your choice. Since, you are investing a hefty amount in the kitchen you want this to remain functional for a long time. Durability is a factor that should not be overlooked for the sake of style, so, choose wisely. Another factor to consider here would be the budget, the budget of your modular kitchen could vary depending upon your material section. For your kitchen cabinets for example, you can easily settle for something like a plywood, which would be a durable choice and fit your budget, but if you want something sturdier  and you do not mind paying a few extra bucks then you must settle for natural wood which is in vogue right now.


The kitchen modules


In your modular kitchen, what  kind of modules  would you like to opt for? The luxury kitchen brands in India have many intriguing module designs on offer, now it is up to you to decide which one would suit you best.  How many storage modules would suffice?  Would you rather opt for shelves? Or, do you prefer investing big in the pull-out designs?  If you do not want the corner spaces to go to waste then the corner modules would be invaluable. Your convenience should be the deciding factor here, as well as your budget consideration, as some modules can be on the expensive side.


The kitchen triangle:


It has been mentioned before and it needs to be mentioned again because the kitchen triangle that encompasses your fridge, your hob and your kitchen sink, can impact your convenience. Now positioning of these elements are crucial to enhancing your convenience, you must be able to move from one point to the other without being obstructed by anything. So, when you sit down to plan the design of your modular kitchen, make sure you are paying attention to your kitchen work triangle, because you have to convey the same to the modular kitchen dealer.


Your kitchen layout


Decide the shape of your modular kitchen, depending upon the space available. Your modular kitchen with have built-in units, you must decide which layout would fulfill your requirement. Going through the modular kitchen designs catalogue with price can help you form ideas regarding this aspect. For an open kitchen space an L-shaped kitchen would be perfect, a narrow kitchen demands a parallel shape. On the other hand when you have space to spare in your luxury kitchen, you must consider bringing in a kitchen island. Deciding the shape beforehand will help you have an easier time during the customization process.


Sort out your storage


Customized storage solutions is one of the biggest reasons people opt for a modular design. So, one of the crucial elements of your kitchen design would be the storage, figure out which type of storage modules would be just right for you, and in which combination. Also decide how many storage units would be required and how much could be managed within your available kitchen space.


Now that you have ideas regarding how to approach with your modular  design, you will be able to come up with the perfect kitchen design. Follow these tips and also brainstorm to create the ideal modular kitchen design.


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