5 Indian kitchen design problems a modular kitchen design can solve

5 Indian kitchen design problems a modular kitchen design can solve

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Indian kitchens are undoubtedly the busiest kitchens, as food is such an integral part of our culture. We have our long list of celebrations and none can be complete without platter full of food, and to be frank we keep on having guests over and also due to our joint family structure the kitchens remain busy all the time.



But the traditional kitchen design that we are used to working with, is full of design flaws, in a busy Indian kitchen where at times more than one cook and helper have to work together, such flaws can be frustrating. Ever since the modular kitchen in India has become a popular concept, home owners are turning their attention to the modular kitchens as they combine aesthetics and functionality.  But does the modular kitchen design truly address the kitchen design problems?  Let’s figure out.



Indian kitchen design problems: Modular solutions-


Problem1: Clutter


Clutter is an inevitable issue that almost all Indian kitchens suffer from. Due to lack of planning, lack of space utilization skills of the carpenter, and traditional kitchen design methods, it becomes hard to keep things organized and keep the clutter away. Kitchen is that one place, where clutter can have a detrimental effect on the functionality.  The traditional kitchen design can never address  this issue.



Modular solutions:  The latest modular kitchen designs are more than equipped to handle this issue and can be trusted to get rid of the clutter once and for all. A modular kitchen is built as per your specifications and is customized to ensure that all your key needs get addressed. You will have modules built to enhance the functionality of the kitchen, as every segment of the kitchen would be systematically designed, your kitchen would inevitably become an organized space.



Problem2: Storage


Storage remains the biggest issue of all, an Indian kitchen is an assortment of varied items including ingredients, utensils and accessories, now add to this list the grocery items. In a regular kitchen, the storage is never adequate and it is hard to store things in an organized manner.


Modular solutions:   The modular kitchen comes up with the smart storage solutions which can be just perfect for varied storage needs, the customized solutions the modular kitchen is so popular for can solve your storage struggles without any issues. You can build storage as per your specific requirements, you can opt for drawers, shelves, cabinets and allot each segment for storing different kitchen essentials and keep things sorted with a separate pantry unit.



Problem3:  Space utilization


Regardless of the space you have in the kitchen, without proper planning you won’t be able to make the most of it. This is the story of most Indian kitchens, where the design hardly optimizes the space available.  Especially the corners are never utilized and, in a small kitchen that causes issues.


Modular solutions:   A modular kitchen would invariably solve this issue, as this particular kitchen design revolves round functionality. According to the space available you can choose from parallel kitchen, or, a G-shaped  kitchen layout or, for open kitchen spaces that are really small the L-shape would be an ideal choice. Your kitchen design can truly make the biggest difference as the space utilization would be optimal like in an L-shaped kitchen where the two major units would merge leaving plenty of room for movement.



Problem4:  Functionality


The regular kitchen design can be low on functionality, lack of space would be coupled with other issues like the lack of coordination among the key elements of the kitchen. When there is more than one cook, the movement can be problematic, also the lack of countertop space, the mispositioned sink would be another issue, these issues usually are not paid attention to but could cause problems in day-to-day activities.


Modular solutions:   The modular kitchen layout is the result of intelligent planning and have been conceptualized to enhance the efficiency of a kitchen design. A modular kitchen layout would follow the golden triangle rule, where the kitchen sink, the stove and the refrigerator would be at an ideal distance from each other and positioned so as to facilitate the movement among these three points in a busy kitchen.  The inclusion of smart appliances would further enhance the functionality.



Problem5:  Maintenance


The kitchen being the busiest and messiest place due to the crazy mixture of oil, spices, odor need to be properly cleaned and unless it is well maintained it might end up becoming a dirty place, with greasy countertops and cabinets. But the regular kitchen design does not allow deep cleaning , and most importantly the cabinets are in-built so these could not be taken apart for cleaning the corners. Also repairing becomes an issue when anything starts to malfunction.



Modular solutions:   The modular kitchen units are easy to assemble and you can also take these apart when you need to repair any particular unit or clean it without upsetting the whole setup. Furthermore, only high quality materials  are used in a modular kitchen, so, you do not have to worry about durability and if you choose wisely you can choose materials that can be easily cleaned and hence keeping kitchen spick and span would be simpler.



Conclusion:  Say goodbye to regular kitchen problems, the modular kitchen design can completely change your experience in the kitchen. So, get ready for the transformation now.


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