Planning an island modular kitchen? What type of island should you get?

Planning an island modular kitchen? What type of island should you get?

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The modular kitchen is no longer an alien concept, and now it is being viewed as a preferable option. The Modular kitchen concept provides not only the ultimate design solutions, but also offers so much variations in terms of layout, material, modules that you are always spoilt for choice. If you explore the German luxury kitchens, or, even the trending kitchen designs you would notice that the island modular kitchen is trending now, and images upon images of graceful kitchen designs that you browse through proudly feature an island in some exquisite form or, the other.


The kitchen island is certainly gaining momentum, and as the island offers so many advantages, it is no doubt people are rushing to include this element in their kitchen design. So, if you too are interested in this concept and want to have an island modular kitchen, you must learn what type of kitchen island should your get. We have compiled a list here that might help you reach a decision. So, let’s start your tour of the kitchen islands.


Island modular kitchen: What are the variations available?


If you just take a look at the kitchen island images, you would know that this concept is extremely versatile. The range is pretty vast, you can choose from those which could be moved around, and also there are those models which are fixed. Some have cabinets, some feature a sink and a small but simple work surface. The other kitchen islands are on the other hand just double up as the dining table. Let’s have a look at some of the popular options here before you start to look for modular kitchen in Mumbai.


Table islands


This kind of islands are quite popular, and the name is self-explanatory enough. This type of kitchen island is basically has a table surface and it is mobile, which means you can shift it to a corner or, to some other convenient location in the kitchen if need be. Portable islands always come with the benefits of flexibility, for a small kitchen space having a rolling or, portable island is a big help. The table islands basically provide you with the surface, where you can put your prepared dishes, or, you can use this for serving


The U-shaped island


The U-shaped island is the ideal addition to your kitchen space, something that you should cherish. If you have a bigger kitchen area and want to have a kitchen similar to German luxury kitchens, then this particular island style is meant for you. You can install a sink on one side, and could use the rest as the big countertop area, and also for placement of your food processors. You can also build additional cabinets underneath and store all your essentials. You will have thus additional workspace, countertop area, as well as the storage solutions. For a big family that have a busy kitchen, this island type is ideal. You can also include your hob in here, if you want. However, this style of island will not leave open space in the middle and this is a fixed island, which means once you settle for it there is no going back.


Circular islands


As you explore the design for modular kitchen you would come across kitchen islands that have a circular surface. Although you would mostly get the rectangular shape, you would also find the circular kitchen islands which stand out from the rest of the islands available in terms of style. Having a circular version is ideal for a kitchen space that is compact, you certainly do not have to worry about the edges and the sprawling design that might create a spatial obstruction. The circular island is pretty cool, you can use the surface for your meal preparation and also for serving meal. Depending upon the space you can have a bigger version. But, even with a small circular surface two people can easily sit across from each other and enjoy their meal. You can also use the surface to chop vegetables, or, for placing supplies.


Rolling cart island


One of the most popular variants out there, is the rolling cart island. Before you head out to look for the modular kitchen in Mumbai, you should take a look at this variant. This is highly flexible, as this is a rolling cart island and it is ideal for small kitchen spaces where you cannot make room for a permanent kitchen island, but you do need that extra workspace. So, what you need to be doing here is to go through the available options , and then settle down for the one that fits your need, and kitchen space.


This island is not only portable, but also is easy on your pocket. The size and the features would depend on the space, and your budget. You can have the ones with cabinets, and thus solve your storage issue. The surface can be used as the spare countertop, and since you can move it around to different corners your work gets hassle free. Choose a style that would be perfect for a luxury kitchen, especially if you have German luxury kitchens in mind.


Those were some popular island concepts that you should explore before you finalize your design for modular kitchen. Always keep your kitchen space, and specific requirements in mind before you decide to include this style in your kitchen area. Especially if you are settling down for a permanent kitchen island, you must be cautious.


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