6 design tips to make Indian kitchen more functional

6 design tips to make Indian kitchen more functional

Indian kitchen ideas

A kitchen must be functional along with being aesthetically pleasing. Everybody needs a kitchen that is
comfortable to move around, has ample space on the countertop, adequate storage to stock up items.
Especially during the morning when there is a rush to prepare meals faster, the lack of functionality can
be the biggest obstacle you would face. However, the traditional kitchen design in India, has many flaws
which hamper the workflow in the kitchen.


If your work flow in the kitchen is getting impacted due to the design issues, then it is time for you to
take the next step. Find and implement solutions that would fix those bugging issues. Not planning a
kitchen now? May be you would in the near future, it is always best to be pre-informed, so that you can
get it right in one go. We have compiled here 6 design tips that could make your kitchen more functional.



Tips to improve your kitchen design:


1.Go vertical: Since, storage is already a big issue in the kitchen, it makes sense to build adequate
cabinets and shelves. You need to make room for not only keeping your kitchen essentials, but
also for keeping accessories, utensils neatly organized in their designated places. This enables
you to grab a pot or, find that spoon you need during busy hours without having to rummage
through the kitchen cabinets. It makes great sense when you use the walls to build vertical
storage, especially if your kitchen is small. Luxury kitchen companies now come up with
amazing storage solutions, and you should explore that. You can install racks, pegboards, floating
shelves, to make room for you miscellaneous items.



2.Light up: The kitchen is one of those places in the house where you cannot comprise on lighting.
The kitchen design in India, not always pays the right attention to the lighting arrangement, but
it is crucial. Since, you would be busy chopping , cutting, stirring, baking, and doing an umpteen
number of tasks there, it is but obvious that the task area needs to be well lit for you to work
comfortably. Make sure that your kitchen gets natural light, this will also contribute to creating a
cheery ambiance. Furthermore, play with different lighting arrangements like the task lighting,
the pendant lights to ensure that your kitchen is adequately illuminated. Also including under
cabinet lighting would be a great idea.


3.Get an island: It might sound iffy at the beginning , but the latest Indian kitchen ideas are
including this element. The kitchen island would be just the thing you need to make your kitchen
efficient. In any kitchen big or, small, you could always do with some more space, an extra
countertop, some additional storage may be. When there is a kitchen island, you get all of that.
You can use the surface as the countertop, you can build some additional cabinets and even add
a sink, if your plumbing outlet allows for it. Luxury kitchen companies can help you come up with
the smart island design ideas.


4.Get a pantry: We love to stock the grocery items in the kitchen. However, these items are
stocked or, rather stacked in the cabinets and that could be so annoying. It makes sense to have
a separate section meant just for the grocery, where these items do not have to stay stuffed in
the cabinet, with other essentials. Design a pantry section where you can neatly stock up on the
grocery essentials and keep it separate from the rest.


5.The corner storage: Indian kitchen ideas often fail to make optimum use of the corner space.
The corners mostly go to waste, because the carpenter do not have the capability to come up
with any design solution that could make those corners more than spaces with garbage bins. You
can make these corners work with the help of the modular kitchen accessories like the kitchen
carousels, which can be great for their innovative and smart designs. It is easier to use those
corners by installing the carousels and using the different tiers for different items. Go for it .


6.The golden triangle: If you do not know already then you should know now, that the kitchen can
be efficient when you implement the golden rule which is implementing the work triangle. This
means the refrigerator, the sink and the stove must be placed in a way that you can have
unobstructed access to each. This triangle can solve many of your worries by making the kitchen
space more functional. You can move around without any obstacle.


With these 6 tips you can certainly create or, recreate a kitchen space that would be flawless and highly
efficient. The kitchen design in India is now getting smarter, as the homeowners are now gravitating
towards the modular kitchen concept. Explore these tips and design the kitchen you have always


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