6 Ideas to Create a Clutter-Free Modern Luxury Kitchen

6 Ideas to Create a Clutter-Free Modern Luxury Kitchen

6 Ideas to Create a Clutter-Free Modern Luxury Kitchen

When was the last time you felt envious flipping through the images of sleek modern kitchens featured in the magazines?  If you can’t remember then congratulations you have a kitchen that is the perfect blend of elegance and functionality. But, if you are like other women who can’t help but feel jealous or, wistful looking at the sleek modern elegant kitchen designs, then you have a less-than-perfect kitchen.


You probably know it but, you simply cannot fathom what to do? Well, we can help you here by showing you where to start.  A smart, beautiful kitchen is always free from any kind of clutter, so, get ready to say goodbye to the clutter and we have six cool suggestions for you.


Clutter-free modern luxury kitchen in 6 steps:


  1. Only keep the essentials: The problem with most kitchens is that these are loaded with items. It is true that to carry out your responsibility in the kitchen, you would need your pots, pans, food processors, and whatnot. But, if you are a hoarder who loves to buy on impulse and keep on stocking the kitchen, then you need to stop. The new pot you have recently bought is going to add to your stash, so pick up some old one that you no longer use and discard it. Follow this rule whenever you buy stuff for your kitchen. Only essential items which you cannot do without get to stay in the kitchen.

  2. Build enough storage space:  In a kitchen, lack of enough storage space could lead to clutter. From your spices to kitchen knives everything needs to be methodically stored, so add cabinets, shelves, racks to your kitchen to ensure there is a space for everything. Often in an unplanned kitchen, space gets wasted which could otherwise be utilized for building a shelf or, a cabinet. If you are not too sure of your planning skills contact the best manufacturer of modular kitchen and get yourself built a modular kitchen. When you will have sufficient storage, and clutter will stay away.

  3. Do not have a messy countertop: The countertop is an essential component of the kitchen design. This space gets used for multiple reasons, which is why it easily gets messy. More often than not you end up putting so much stuff on the countertop, that it not only looks cluttered but makes it impossible for you to get your tasks done efficiently. Only keep essentials like a chopping board or, plates, ingredients on the countertop, put other stuff away. If you have a kitchen island then utilize the surface for keeping the additional items and you can also build some additional cabinets underneath.

  4. Be smart with your display: In your kitchen, there would be items that cannot be put inside the cabinet for practical reasons. Your pots and pans, spatulas, coffee mugs which you need frequently, should be within reach and it could be a pain to retrieve these every time from cabinets. Hanging racks could be fun and you can put your busy utensils there. But, only use these for essential items, it should not look like a junk shop. Your dishwasher liquid, sponge, can be placed on a stand and you can put it by the sink. This would keep things tidy.

  5. Do not store your crockery in the same place: Your crockery must be stored smartly, you need to separate the items you own in terms of utility. You have your dinnerware some of which are fancy which you only take out for entertaining your guests. Now, what is the point of having these in the same place with regular crockery? Put these away and only put the dishes and utensils together which are meant for regular use on shelves above the countertop. This will enhance the functionality and help you keep things sorted.

  6. Add floating shelves: Adding floating shelves can solve a lot of clutter-related issues. Just be careful where you are installing these. These shelves do not take up much space but help you put things in place.  Add one over the sink and you can place your cleaning tools, gloves, and other stuff on it. You can also place one above the countertop for the food processors, which you can easily take down and put back on it after you have cleaned it.  Another one could be used for your cookbooks, magazines which you resort to for recipes.


A clutter-free kitchen is a happy place, it is neat and inviting. So, do explore the ideas listed above and try to implement these in your kitchen. You might also consider opting for a modular kitchen in the future which would be customized to suit your needs.  Since a modular kitchen is extremely functional, you will not have to worry about any clutter.





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