Architect Paresh Kapade Talks About Modular Kitchen Design Trends In Indore! Check It Out Now!

Architect Paresh Kapade Talks About Modular Kitchen Design Trends In Indore! Check It Out Now!

Architect Paresh Kapade Talks About Modular Kitchen Design Trends In Indore! Check It Out Now!

Have you been to Mini Mumbai? Indore, the bustling city nestled in Madhya Pradesh is also referred to as Mini Mumbai owing to its cosmopolitan vibe. This historic city is the commercial capital of the state as it has become the center of industrial and trade activities.


The architecture of this city exudes a modern vibe and the cityscape is dotted with huge bungalows. The Indore kitchens are spacious and although they are mostly built in large country style, the modern influence is also evident. Häcker Kitchens has a prominent presence in the city and we have been offering bespoke designs for Indore kitchens for years now.


We were curious to learn about the prevalent modern kitchen design trends in Indore and so we reached out to Architect Paresh Kapade from ‘Environmental Design Consultants’. Here’s what he has to say about the modular kitchen design trends in Indore.


Kitchen design trends in Indore: Clean designs for the cleanest city


Together with his wife Shital Kapade, architect Paresh Kapade runs the architectural firm ‘Environmental Design Consultants’ in the city. For the past 23 years, they have been creating unique design solutions for their clientele. They mostly handle high-end residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. Their design philosophy goes beyond offering luxury design solutions; as they want their designs to have an impact.


As Paresh Kapade explains, Indore is the cleanest city in the country, and it has not been a one-time achievement for this city, rather Indore secured the top spot and retained its position for the 6th time in a row.


modular kitchen in indore


Designing a residential project for the nation’s cleanest city raises the bar significantly. However, architect Kapade welcomes the challenge as he too believes in creating environmentally friendly projects including environmentally friendly kitchens.


He further adds that developing such projects could be expensive, particularly when designing for luxury residential complexes. But despite the cost he and his team incorporate environmentally friendly products into the design.


At Haecker, we too believe in reducing our carbon footprint and have adopted sustainable practices to create environmentally friendly kitchens that are safe for our customers and the planet.


What are the modular kitchen design trends in Indore?



When asked about the kitchen trends in Indore, he shared his insight.

The bungalows are quite spacious and so are the kitchens. Some visible trends that architect Kapade have noticed are-


  • Special lighting in the kitchen:

    The modern kitchen design has come a long way, and the conventional lighting scheme is a big no for people now. As the modern kitchen has become an interactive space for the family, the kitchen lighting scheme too needs to be accommodating.


  • Preference for the handless kitchen:

    It is another instance of deviation from the traditional kitchen design where the cabinets would no longer come with bulky hardware such as knobs. The homeowners now prefer a sleek, streamlined design, hence they are now more inclined towards handleless drawers.


  • The island kitchen design is trending:

    Another visible trend is the preference for island modular kitchen design. The kitchen islands are a popular element of the kitchen design. This versatile element promises utility and can also be the focal point of your modular kitchen in Indore.


Architect Paresh Kapade was introduced to the Haecker kitchens almost 7 years back. He loves how precisely the Hacker kitchens are made, and he swears by the after-sales service Haecker provides.


merkur INDORE


The modern kitchen design trends in Indore impact both the style and functionality of the kitchen. At Haecker, we are always ready to provide innovative solutions to architects and customers so they can find precisely what they are looking for.


We too have been providing design solutions to the homeowners helping them build the perfect modular kitchen in Indore, and we too have noticed a couple of trends. People here love white kitchens, closely followed by the Malaga versions. In terms of theme, people favor -Wooden and Concrete Laminates, as well as High Gloss Lacquered and Satin Lacquered Ceramic Look Fronts.



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