Looking For Luxurious, Statement Modular Kitchen Designs? Check Out Granada White From Haecker Kitchens

Looking For Luxurious, Statement Modular Kitchen Designs? Check Out Granada White From Haecker Kitchens

Looking For Luxurious, Statement Modular Kitchen Designs Check Out Granada White From Haecker Kitchens

A modular kitchen is a functional kitchen. But a utilitarian kitchen can also be uber stylish and exude opulence. A luxurious, statement modular kitchen design is much coveted among homeowners due to its design aesthetics and functionality.


At Haecker Kitchens, we specialize in designing stunning luxury modular kitchens crafted with German engineering. Be it traditional, contemporary, or modern, we can deliver the perfect kitchen that you envision.


Let us introduce you to the Granada White a statement luxury modular kitchen that will be a glorious addition to your home. This statement piece belongs to our modern kitchen collection.


Let’s delve deeper into its features to understand what makes it so unique.


Granada White: A statement modular kitchen design


White sets the tone: 


The sheer white modern kitchen design draws your attention the moment you set your eyes on it. The entire layout is in white, Since a modern kitchen design takes a minimalist approach and emphasizes a clean look, white fits in really well.


It is a universally preferred color for the kitchen, traditional, modern, or otherwise. Especially if you are planning on creating a luxury modular kitchen, white can be a great choice.


The glossy white surface is contrasting beautifully with the well-thought-out combination of black and wood. The stark black wall has been muted with earthy wood tones to create a layered look, thus making the frosted glass wall cabinets the focal point of the design. The open shelves also have an interplay of black and wood tones.


modular kitchen ganada


Handleless modern storage: 


The modular kitchen design redefines storage with its floor-to-ceiling cabinets. It is a smart design choice for a kitchen that works with less space but has moderate to high demand for storage. One more feature that enhances the design of this particular kitchen model is the handleless design. The modern kitchen design promotes a streamlined look, and the handless cabinets and drawers contribute to the continuation of the design flow throughout the kitchen space. The absence of bulky hardware lends a minimalist and clean, neat look to the kitchen.The flat panel doors with a glossy surface exude a luxurious vibe.


The storage further includes open shelves in black. The modern kitchen design experiments with different storage styles;  the open shelves are now trending as the favorite storage element in the kitchen. The open shelves add versatility to the kitchen storage and allow the user to experiment. One can use the open shelves for multiple purposes, including showcasing statement art pieces.


The glass wall unit in black adds another layer to the sleek storage layout of this kitchen while adding drama to the minimal decor. The unit allows you to display items with the mellow inside cabinet lighting keeping everything muted and soft.


Integrated appliances: 


A luxury modular kitchen is all about concealed storage and integrated appliances. The Granada White flaunts integrated appliances from top appliance brands that blend smoothly with the whole clean modern kitchen design style. The sleek cooktop is the only appliance visible on the white worktop, other appliances including the refrigerator, dish washer, have all been hidden behind the white panels.


The integrated appliances are continuing the minimal, streamlined design flow. The appliances and the cabinets are easy to access, thus the functionality of the kitchen remains unaffected while removing unnecessary hardware from the design.


The lighting and the layout: 


The kitchen here receives lots of natural light and the layout is so carefully thought out that it does not give off any constricted vibe. Rather the kitchen has an open kitchen vibe that adds to the appeal of the kitchen. The layout itself looks minimal and the glass panel doors are filling up the kitchen with natural light and fresh air. The modular kitchen is well-ventilated and well-lit. The muted glow of the cabinet lights is perfect for setting a luxury ambiance. The strategic placement of under-the-cabinet lights, and recessed lighting, will add to the luxury.


The Granada White can be the perfect luxurious statement modular kitchen that you are looking for. At Haecker Kitchens, we create versatile designs to help you find your ideal kitchen design. Explore a Haecker showroom near you to find the perfect modular kitchen for your home.


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