Beginners Guide To Planning A Stunning Modular Kitchen Design! Check Out Now!

Beginners Guide To Planning A Stunning Modular Kitchen Design! Check Out Now!

Beginners Guide To Planning A Stunning Modular Kitchen Design! Check Out Now!

A modular kitchen is a dream kitchen for the first-time kitchen planners, because it is high on functionality and is stunning to look at. But designing a modular kitchen for the very first time will be a complicate task right? Well, with a kitchen design guide any beginner can start planning their ideal modular kitchen in Coimbatore. This guide covers some basic modular kitchen design rules that will come in very handy while designing any kitchen. So without any further ado, let’s check out this guide.


How to plan your first stunning modular kitchen design?


Define your requirement:


When you approach modular kitchen dealers in Jaipur for the very first time, you need to communicate your needs really well. A modular kitchen design can only be efficient when it will be designed in accordance with your need. The size of the kitchen, the number of active kitchen users, and also usage pattern must be taken into consideration before coming up with a design. The kitchen layout that is the arrangement of the kitchen cabinetry and appliances, must be right to create a functional kitchen design. If you have a big family with more than one cook operating in the kitchen then you should select a layout like the U-shaped or, a galley kitchen layout. A small nuclear family with minimal kitchen needs can easily opt for a one-wall kitchen layout. Define your kitchen requirement to pick out the ideal layout.


Find the ideal material:


Whether you are designing a modular kitchen in Delhi, or, a simple contemporary kitchen, you have to select the ideal material for your kitchen. The right material selection is crucial because you want your kitchen to be durable and easy to maintain. As you visit a modular kitchen showroom, talk to the kitchen dealers and designers to learn about different material options. From Plywood to PVC a number of choices are available, and you have to be aware of the pros and cons of every material. Find a durable yet easy to clean material for your kitchen that will fit your budget too.


Implement a work triangle:


The golden rule of creating a modular kitchen in Coimbatore is to implement the work triangle. The modular kitchen can become efficient if only the work triangle is implemented correctly.  The spacing between the hob, the sink, and the refrigerator should be as such that there is enough space between them, and you can move among these three points without any hassle. The interaction among these points should be absolutely efficient and smooth. Keep your layout in mind before implementing the rule keep the walkways around the triangle.


Kitchen storage must be adequate:


The modular kitchen storage should be designed right so that the kitchen can be absolutely clutter-free.  However, the kitchen storage module styles should be chosen right; you can decide between the cabinets, drawers, and even floating shelves. Decide how many items need to be stored in the kitchen, and where, and create storage accordingly.  Reach out to the modular kitchen dealers in Jaipur and ask about the different cabinet styles, such as the base cabinets, corner cabinets, as well as the different drawer styles such as the bottle pull-out drawer. Survey your kitchen and decide the placement of the storage modules to make your kitchen absolutely efficient.


Your kitchen needs zones:


A kitchen should be divided into different zones depending on the functions being performed there. In a modular kitchen in Delhi, you should create meal prep zone, storage zone, to streamline the design. Taking such an organized approach can help in ensuring that the kitchen remains clutter-free. When you have zones in the kitchen, you can execute your tasks without any obstacle and in a more methodical way. Create zones according to your work pattern to customize your modular kitchen design.


Do not over accessorize:


As you start designing your modular kitchen in Coimbatore, you will need to select the right set of modular kitchen accessories. In your modular kitchen showroom there will be so many accessories available, that you will be spoilt for choice. But random selection will only hike your budget, therefore, select accessories that are required in your kitchen. Some accessories are a must like the under-the-sink basket, bottle pull-outs. So pay attention to your need before you proceed.


Conclusion: It is a simple yet effective guide that will help you design the stunning modular kitchen design that you desire. You should never ever underestimate the value of methodical planning. Your kitchen should always be designed according to your requirement.


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