Design a trendy Indian kitchen with these simple steps

Design a trendy Indian kitchen with these simple steps

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When you design a kitchen, you do so with the intention of creating a comfortable and efficient place where you can cook, serve, and also entertain. The kitchen trends keep on changing, and we do check out different kitchen images published in the blogs, magazines to ensure that we are keeping track of the latest trends and incorporating the features we like.


Designing a trendy Indian kitchen sounds tricky, but there are some simple steps which could be taken to ensure that you are creating the perfect modern kitchen in India. So, without any further ado, let’s check out the ideas here.


Tips to design a trendy Indian kitchen:



Before starting the discussion it should be mentioned that these are meant for not only designing a new kitchen, but also for renovating an old one. However, designing your own kitchen means keeping your priorities in mind, how you cook, what you store, and what activities other than cooking are you planning on pursuing in the kitchen, all of that need to be factored in.


Create different zones:


A trendy kitchen has different zones, it’s no longer just a simple meal preparation area. Food could be served, and guests could be received and entertained in the kitchen itself. So, dividing your kitchen space into different zones is a great idea. Look for inspirations online and you will find plenty of ideas for kitchen design in India. Keep the size of your kitchen in mind, and segment the area into different zones. If it is an open kitchen then creating different zones would be easier. You can bring in an island or, a table to create a serving zone.


The open plan might be great :


When you are thinking about designing a trendy kitchen, you might try out the open layout. This will be so much better, as the disintegration of barriers would create a welcoming kitchen area. Furthermore, the one-wall layout or, an L-shaped layout could be chosen for this kitchen space and this will leave room for placing an element like a dining table, or, an island and thereby enable you to create a second workstation while keeping things absolutely elegant. This is a great design twist that could transform your Indian kitchen ideas.


Add an island:


Adding an island can be a trendy move that you would love to make. The modern kitchen designs feature stylish islands in different styles and sizes. There are many designs to choose from, but you must keep the space you have in mind. For example, if you want to create a separate zone in your kitchen where you want to serve meals, and entertain your guests an island would be just right. Create separate storage, or, a workstation easily with an island. But, go through the available styles, and keep your purpose in mind before you add one. The color and the material should also be chosen accordingly. Remember, an island can also add an aesthetic value to a kitchen, so you must pay attention to what you really like.


Open shelving:


A great idea to designing a trendy Indian kitchen would be adding open shelving. Adding cabinets or, drawers for storage is a given, but if you want to make your storage more convenient and also want to boost the aesthetics then the open shelves are the answers. Keep your numerous spice jars lined up on these shelves. When they are placed above the countertop, reaching out to them becomes so much simpler. You can also place coffee mugs, exclusive crockery, even your cookbooks on these shelves. This is a great way to enhance the functionality of the modern kitchen in India, and at the same time boost its aesthetics.


Pay attention to cabinets:


The cabinets or, drawers no matter what you want to opt for, need to be designed right. Pick the right styles and give your Indian kitchen ideas a new twist, go handle-less if possible. Now the sleek, and hardware-free cabinet style is in, they look so elegant and also help you create a chic, minimalist kitchen. If you are redoing your kitchen then you should repaint the cabinets in striking colors like vibrant green, electric blue, or, even bright red, depending upon the prevalent color scheme of the kitchen, also if the cabinets have knobs and pulls then repaint them.


Create the right backsplash:


The backsplash in the kitchen is one element that gets neglected, or gets taken for granted. In a modern kitchen in India the backsplash too needs to be strikingly beautiful, do not opt for mundane designs or, colors. Keeping the dominant color of the kitchen in mind select a vivacious color, like red, orange, or, yellow. Be careful with the material you select for the backsplash, it should keep the stain away, furthermore, the material that you select should be reflective so that it will create a nice effect. You can also make your backsplash functional by opting for the pegboard style. This is certainly going to help you create some additional storage space and hang all the essential items that you need to store including the kitchen accessories.


The lighting should be smart:


When you aim to design a trendy kitchen, lighting is a key pointer that you should not ignore. Layer the lighting scheme, ambient lighting is a must in any form of kitchen design in India, and for different zones you should pick different lights. For example, if you have an island or, a dining area in the kitchen then you can hang a pendant light over that zone to ensure that you are illuminating the area. Also add under the cabinet lighting, and task lighting to illuminate meal prep areas.


Try out these simple yet effective tips, and be ready to create the perfect trendy Indian kitchen. However, if you are not designing or, redesigning your kitchen now still you can explore the tips to garner ideas which you might like to implement when you decide to have a trendy kitchen later. Also, keep on exploring to learn about trending kitchen design ideas.


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