Things to keep in mind before designing the modern kitchen countertop

Things to keep in mind before designing the modern kitchen countertop

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A kitchen is composed of so many elements, but when we take a look at any kitchen we only see the complete picture. It is only when one sits down to design their own kitchen, and dissect it element by element; one can truly realize that the kitchen design can be so complex. Each component must be taken care of in order to design the perfect kitchen, and among all the elements the countertop is the one which mostly gets taken for granted. However, your kitchen countertop is a significant element as this is where your meal preparation takes place.


From material, to color, to design every single aspect of the kitchen countertop must be carefully decided. Here are some steps that will help you select the right kitchen countertop. You can also search for kitchen showroom near me and visit showrooms to learn some crucial design tricks.


How to select the best kitchen countertop?


Before you start you have to keep in mind the fact that your kitchen countertop is an area that not only impacts your kitchen aesthetics, but it is also one of the most used sections of the kitchen. Work-wise a lot of pressure is put on the countertop area. So, one has to be really cautious. Keep the following pointers in mind, if you want to have the perfect countertop for your luxury kitchen. So, let’s begin-


Maintenance should be a priority:


Every element in the kitchen needs to be properly cleaned, and especially the countertop needs to be cleaned all the time. You chop vegetables, you prepare spice mixes, and the actual cooking also takes place here, which means that the countertop gets subjected to stains and so much more. You need a material that is stain-resistant, is durable and could be cleaned easily. When you select granite, or, marble, these will require sealing almost on a yearly basis. So, keep that in mind. You need your countertop to stay clean and durable for a long time to come. Laminate might be a better option in that respect as it does not require high maintenance. If you opt for a modular kitchen, you will have plethora of options to choose from, but be sure that you are selecting a material which fits your budget and is also easy to clean. The countertop material should also complement your overall kitchen aesthetics.


Your budget should be right:



When you are designing a kitchen you have a specific budget to work with, and that budget is going to cover the entire kitchen design cost, including the cabinets, drawers, finish, shelves, appliances, colors, and so on and so forth. You must select a countertop according to your budget, how much you are willing to spend on this single element is definitely going to matter. So, go online, look for kitchen showroom near me, and visit these showrooms to do your research on the popular materials, and also learn about the price range. In fact, when you decide to design or, redesign your kitchen you should pay attention to the kitchen countertop first.


Get your measurement done before you approach a kitchen dealer; learn about how much of the material you need. You should also consider exploring the different materials and learn about their pros and cons. This will certainly help you find the right solution within your budget.


Your requirement and kitchen layout:


When you are designing your modular kitchen or, a regular kitchen, you must keep your requirements in mind. Are you the only cook in the kitchen? Are there going to be more cooks? If you have a busy kitchen and you need your countertop to be spacious may be you should consider getting the parallel layout which allows you to have the largest countertop, or, you could install an island to ensure you have a separate workstation whose surface too could be used. If you have a small kitchen, and your kitchen is not going to be subjected to heavy cooking chores three or, four times a day, then you will not need an elaborate countertop at all. Your kitchen requirements, and also your particular kitchen layout must be kept in mind before you take the final decision. The countertop design for the U-shaped kitchen and the one-wall kitchen won’t be the same.


The aesthetics:


Your kitchen will look beautiful when each element would be unique yet in perfect sync with each other. Even if you choose to select contrasting colors, themes for your kitchen, there should not be a jarring effect. The selection of the countertop is crucial not only if you have a luxury kitchen in mind, or, but also when you want to create a minimalist kitchen. Whether you want it to complement other elements or, create an interesting contrast, you have to ensure that you are selecting the right countertop. If budget and space both are not limited, then you must consider coming up with an exclusive, luxurious countertop, you can experiment with the design, and instead of sharp edges you can opt for soft, rounded edges. If you want to add some warmth then the wooden countertops might be great, or, you can add a contemporary touch with the stainless steel kitchen. For a classy look the marble countertop will always take the cake. Select your countertop carefully, keeping your kitchen aesthetics in mind.


Keep track of the trends:



Just the way you track the kitchen design trends, you should also consider exploring the latest countertop trends. Which colors, shapes, and themes are trending, you can learn all of that, look for kitchen showroom near me online and locate a showroom to start exploring. You do not have to ape any style, but you can get design ideas, color ideas that might go well with your overall kitchen aesthetics, and this will certainly up your kitchen design game.


Conclusion: Selection of the kitchen countertop is crucial, and it should never be taken lightly. Keep the above mentioned pointers in mind before you select this significant element for your kitchen. Be ready to explore, experiment to get your hands on the perfect countertop.


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