Designing a Kitchen? Pay Attention To These 5 Elements Of a Modern Indian Kitchen Design

Designing a Kitchen? Pay Attention To These 5 Elements Of a Modern Indian Kitchen Design

Designing a Kitchen? Pay Attention To These 5 Elements Of a Modern Indian Kitchen Design

Modern kitchen design is a big transition from the traditional design and it is a more compact version of the kitchen we were used to seeing. A modern kitchen design is all about making a kitchen absolutely an efficient space for the user, therefore, paying attention to its every aspect would be essential in getting it right. The smartest way to approach this kitchen design would be to be aware of the different elements of the design. For a hassle-free experience consider getting a modular kitchen in Bangalore. A modular kitchen will be the perfect combination of efficiency and aesthetics. Here we have put together the 5 elements that are integral to the modern kitchen design. To learn about them read on.


What are the 5 elements of a modular kitchen design?


Here we will be discussing 5 elements of the modern kitchen design which should be taken care of, as these elements impact the functionality of the kitchen design.  So, let’s learn what these are.


The Work triangle:


The modern kitchen follows the work triangle or, the golden triangle rule to the T. The triangle rule is essential to maintaining kitchen efficiency, which can truly transform your kitchen. The triangle that is formed with the correct positioning of the refrigerator, the sink, and the cooktop should be maintained because of the fact that the work triangle makes it easier for the user to carry out kitchen activities efficiently. You should definitely consider following the triangle rule if you are planning on designing your modern kitchen or, a modular kitchen in Delhi. The implementation of the rule ensures that your movement in the kitchen is absolutely unobstructed. You can move from one point to the next without bumping into objects. This triangle is an important element of the kitchen design and this should not be overlooked. However, keep your plumbing and electrical outlets in mind before you finalize anything.


The Storage:

Modern Indian Kitchen Design

The storage in the kitchen is another element that requires special attention from you. A modern kitchen design must have ample amount of storage space, so you should pay attention to this element as you start planning yours. To begin with you can start by calculating and categorizing the items that you have to keep in the kitchen in order to be sure how much storage you would require. You should keep the layout in mind before you start planning your storage modules so that you can decide the ideal positioning of the storage modules. For example, the accessories like the spatula, rolling pin should be stored in a shallow drawer underneath the countertop. You must accurately plan the entire storage in a way that it would help you be more efficient in the kitchen as you would be able to access items that you need in a hurry. Explore modular kitchen stores in Indore to check out latest modular kitchen options.


The Layout:


One of the most significant elements of modern kitchen design would be the layout. Be it a modular kitchen in Bangalore or, a simple modern kitchen, the layout must be taken care of. A compact layout would be essential in making the kitchen an ideal place for the user. Keeping in mind the layout the work triangle and the storage modules will need to be placed. Now there are a variety of layouts available. You have to decide which one would suit your requirements the best. Choose from the one-wall layout, the gallery kitchen layout, the L and the U shaped layouts, the island kitchen layout, and the peninsula layout. Each layout fits different requirements and it is your job to decide which layout would fit yours the best.

modular kitchen in Delhi

The Lighting:


The next element should be your kitchen lighting. If you have explored any modular kitchen or, modern kitchen images recently you would notice how beautifully these kitchens are illuminated. You won’t find a single kitchen that has only one source of light, truly the modern kitchen design concept has changed the way kitchen lighting scheme is planned. The right lighting in your modular kitchen in Delhi can not only set the mood but it will also make kitchen work easier to accomplish. Now you have to locate the busiest and task oriented areas in your kitchen, such as the countertop, the sink, to install task lighting above these points. This will illuminate the work surfaces, once that is taken care of you must pay attention to the ambient lighting. You can opt for recessed lighting as well as for stylish chandeliers. If needed add accent lighting to the scheme as well.




This is one more element that should not be lightly taken. The ventilation in the kitchen should be carefully done to ensure that the air circulation does not get obstructed. Let there be windows and doors so that the air can come into the kitchen and the food odor does not get trapped in the kitchen. However, do not forget to install a kitchen chimney as it is essential to keeping your kitchen well ventilated. Without a chimney the oil, dust, everything will start accumulating on the surfaces.  Explore the modular kitchen stores in Indore and select the right kitchen chimney for your place.


Conclusion: These five elements of the modern kitchen design are crucial to keeping your modern kitchen functional and beautiful. Pay attention to each element to ensure that your modern kitchen design is perfect for you.



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