Designing a modular kitchen in Delhi? You should check out this guide first

Designing a modular kitchen in Delhi? You should check out this guide first

Designing a modular kitchen in Delhi? You should check out this guide first

The traditional kitchen design has its flaws and the lack of functionality makes the kitchen work really problematic for the user. The modular kitchen design has emerged as the perfect solution to address the issue; by blending aesthetics with functionality the modular kitchen concept has been able to make its presence felt and it has become a preferred choice. If you are residing in Delhi, and want to design your first modular kitchen in your sprawling bungalow or, in your snazzy apartment, then you have to plan your journey carefully. Things can get better when you have the modular kitchen designed just right. Here is a guide that will help you design the perfect modular kitchen in Delhi.


How to design the perfect modular kitchen in Delhi? Here’s the guide:


Before you begin, you should know that there are several elements to the whole planning process. You must pay attention to each of these elements to design the perfect modular kitchen for yourself. Now let’s learn what these elements are-


Plan the kitchen layout:


Your modular kitchen design will be functional if you choose the right layout. This is the first element that should be taken seriously. The kitchen layout is invariably going to make your kitchen space compact and the right layout will also utilize the available space. Therefore, you must figure out which of the available layouts will make your kitchen space compact. The L-shaped layout is versatile as it works for small, big, as well as open and enclosed kitchen spaces. You can select the straight layout for a kitchen space that is small and is not too demanding. The big kitchens on the other hand would do well with the U-shaped layout. Explore every single layout and learn about the distinct feature of each of them to decide which one would be an ideal choice for your kitchen.


Define the work triangle and zones:


The kitchen efficiency depends to a large extent on the work triangle itself. The kitchen triangle rule must be implemented to ensure that your kitchen is a convenient place to work in. Your kitchen triangle will be formed by maintaining the ideal distance between the refrigerator, the cooktop, and the sink. Make sure that you implement the triangle before you plan positions for the modular kitchen furniture. You can easily access these three vital points in the kitchen without facing any obstruction.


You should also divide a kitchen into different zones. A kitchen can be divided into zones based on the functions being performed there. However, when it comes to designing your modular kitchen in Delhi, you must figure out which zone would be placed where. You have the meal prep zone, the cooking zone, the cleaning zone, the storage zone, etc. When you have demarcated all the zones, you can plan the rest of the kitchen perfectly.


Calculate your storage:


You should always calculate your storage needs properly before you make a move. You should be clear regarding the items that you have to keep in the kitchen, and where different items should be stored. While planning a modular kitchen design you must pay attention to the storage section. Having the right storage options will help you keep your kitchen free from any kind of clutter though. Make the ideal room for your spice jars, your plates, your kitchen accessories, big utensils, cleaning supplies, and other essentials. The placement of these items is important and therefore, you should explore different storage options to be sure what you want to put in the kitchen.


Appliances and accessories:


Your next step should involve deciding which appliances and accessories to invest in. Just like the modular kitchen furniture, the appliances and accessories would also enhance your kitchen functionality. You should decide which appliances you need instead of opting for everything you find in the showroom. Pick the necessary ones that you would use in the kitchen, and leave out the rest, This way you can keep the cost down.


As far as accessories are concerned, you must also select accessories you are going to have a use for. If you have a space crunch issue and you want to have corner cabinets then access the carousel units. Include only those items in your kitchen design that you require.


Materials, color, and theme:


As you progress with your design process you have to pay close attention to the materials, color and theme that you will choose for your modular kitchen in Delhi. Let’s focus on theme first, you can choose any theme modern, traditional, or contemporary for your kitchen. You explore each one carefully and explore models to understand each theme better.


The material section should also be carefully done, you will have laminate, PVC, wood, marble and other options to choose from. Opt for materials that are durable, affordable and are easy to maintain. Select your color scheme carefully as well, do not opt for white kitchen or, pastel shades as these are tougher to maintain. Look for color inspirations to select yours.


Conclusion: This guide here will help you understand the intricacies of the modular kitchen design. Pay close attention to details, and keep your requirements, and budget in mind before you finalize anything. Customize your kitchen design in a way that would make your kitchen space more functional.




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