Designing a modular kitchen? Avoid making these errors

Designing a modular kitchen? Avoid making these errors

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Although we put a lot of thought into designing our entire house, for some strange reason we do not pay much attention to the kitchen area.


However, it is one of the most important areas in your house, and equal attention should be paid to design it. The advent of modular kitchen has certainly opened many eyes, and there is a growing interest regarding this concept as it adds a smart touch to the whole kitchen concept and ups the functionality of the kitchen. But, you also need to carefully design your modular kitchen to ensure you are making the most of concept, before you approach modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai. Here are some errors that you must not make.


Modular kitchen design mistakes and how to avoid them:


Not having any customization ideas:


When you approach the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi, you need to have clarity regarding your customization needs. One of the biggest benefits of the modular kitchen is that you can plan it in a way that makes your kitchen efficient for you. You can customize the colors, the modules, the layout everything and you can also select the materials. Unless you have a well thought-out plan you would not be able to customize your kitchen space. You will end up having a model that looks good but is not much use to you, because it does not fulfill any of your requirements. So, measure your area, list down what you need, and then explore the options available to chalk out a customized plan.


Inefficient storage planning:


Indian kitchens are always filled to the brim with utensils, aromatic spice jars, spatulas, accessories, crockery and so many other things. We also happen to store the grocery in the cabinets. But with modular kitchen you can go beyond the regular cabinets and instead you can have well planned cabinets, drawers and open kitchen shelves to organize your kitchen essentials.


Not calculating your storage requirement before opting for the modular kitchen furniture can be a big mistake. When you underestimate your storage requirements you end up with lesser number of modules which would soon be cluttered.


Divide the storage modules in drawers and cabinets, and also calculate how many shelves you need. You might not understand it but when you plan drawers meant for keeping your daily kitchen essentials, including pots, accessories, and have carousel units for spice jars, and open shelves for storing cookbooks, or crockery plates for everyday usage, you create the perfect storage. Do not leave out the dishwashing liquid, and other such knickknacks.
Get under-sink units for storing the cleaning supplies, and tall units for your spices, grocery items.


Planning an island in a small space:


We have always maintained that if your kitchen area permits then you should definitely have the kitchen island. It is one of the best features to have in your kitchen as it comes with multiple usage and benefits. Having an island is also a popular trend right now, but if your kitchen does not have the space to accommodate one then do not have it. It would rather block your path and make your kitchen look cramped and not well-planned. Instead of having the island, you should consider making enough room on the kitchen counter to create a comfortable meal preparation area, and if necessary then build vertical shelves to add additional storage.


Not having a layout:


If you are going to have a modular kitchen which makes your kitchen space more compact, then you should decide which layout to opt for. Not having a layout can be a big mistake, before you head out to meet the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi, you need to plan the layout.


Measure the space, calculate the number of modules you need, keep the corners in the mind, figure out the work triangle, and explore the popular layouts. The L shaped layout, straight line layout, are great for small spaces or, open kitchen spaces. For kitchens with sample space the G shaped layout would be the ideal solution, along with U shaped layout. Zeroing on the layout prior to customization can work wonders for you.


Poor ventilation:


A kitchen that has proper ventilation system stays clean and grease free. Blocking windows while planning your modular kitchen can be a mistake. Plan a layout around it, to ensure proper air circulation in the kitchen. On the hand, you must install a kitchen chimney, to keep your kitchen air free from smoke, food odor. Your kitchen surface would remain grease, and dirt free and maintenance would not be a big issue. Without proper ventilation your kitchen will become an unhealthy place. While interacting with modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai, you should learn about the appliance brands they partner with to invest in the right chimney model.


Being impulsive:


The modular kitchens designs can be tempting, and if you tend to follow the kitchen design trends then you might end up feeling tempted to add some feature, or, opt for a style that perhaps is not right for you. While taking a tour of the modular kitchen showroom, you will find many appealing features, but if you do not have any need for those then you must not invest money in it.


While selecting modular kitchen furniture, you must be sure that you have the usage for it. If you are opting for a straight line kitchen for example, you won’t be needing any corner units, which would be necessary for the L or, the U shaped kitchen. Also while planning open shelves and cabinets, be sure of the ideal height and what you will use these for. Not being able to reach out to items during a rush hour, or items toppling down, none of it should happen. So, be practical and do your calculations.


Those were the mistakes you should not make while planning your modular kitchen. Figure out what you need before you meet the modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai to finalize things. A modular kitchen is going to be your asset if you plan it well.


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