6 smart ideas to customize your modular kitchen design

6 smart ideas to customize your modular kitchen design

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A kitchen is an important part of the house, but it is the most difficult unit to design. The reason being that a kitchen is all about functionality and to be precise it should be the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. In a traditional kitchen design it is difficult to achieve functionality, which is why now a significant percentage of homeowners are veering towards the modular kitchen concept and are making a beeline for the modular kitchen dealers in Kolkata. The best part about modular kitchen design is that it can be customized to suit your different needs. Here we have put together 6 customization ideas that one could try while designing their modular kitchen.


How to customize your modular kitchen design?


Before we begin you must consider keeping in mind the amount of space that you can allot, your kitchen requirements, and the storage needs that you have. Once you are certain about these points, you can easily start making the customization plans for your modular kitchen, having no clear idea on the other hand is going to make things complicated for you. So, have clarity regarding your requirements, and keep these following pointers in mind.


Choose the right layout


Given the amount of space you have in your kitchen, you need to decide which features you can accommodate, and for that you must choose the layout first. You can opt for the U shaped layout, the L shaped layout, parallel layout, the straight line layout, and even the G shaped layout which is undoubtedly a great choice for big and busy kitchens. If your kitchen is not too big and demanding then you can easily opt for the compact shapes like the parallel shaped layout. This layout allows you to customize your meal preparation area and your storage area just the way you want. If you have an open kitchen space in your house then the straight line kitchen layout would be perfect, this layout suits the small families the most. Everything is in one straight line, and there is no obstruction in the middle. For a lavish kitchen that stays busy all the time, the U shaped layout is going to be the perfection. Visit the showroom of modular kitchen in Kochi, and explore the different layouts.


Plan the ideal kitchen counter:


While planning a kitchen, more often than not we tend to ignore the kitchen countertop area. Our entire attention veers towards the storage modules, but the kitchen counter area is as important as the storage modules. This area provides the space you need for meal preparation. So, what you basically need to be doing is to figure out how to create a countertop area that would be sufficient for your work. Measure the space you can allot, if yours is a small kitchen then you can opt for the parallel layout which would allow you to reserve one side of the kitchen just for the countertop area. You should measure the ideal height, and width and if you would be using food processors, then ensure you have the electrical outlets for plugging in the processors. Choose the countertop material wisely, you need some material that can be easily cleaned, and would be durable as well. Do not opt for a lighter color, opt for something darker.



Include an island:



Your kitchen whether small or, big could benefit immensely if you include the kitchen island in the layout. A kitchen island is that versatile unit which can enhance your kitchen functionality if you just plan it the right way. You can choose a rolling island unit if your kitchen space does not permit much space, you can move it around for meal preparation, for placing dishes and also for serving. On the other hand when you have space you should get a bigger island and use it as a separate workstation, by installing sink, and also as an additional storage space by building storage modules. With a double-tiered island you can also use the island for serving purposes. Talk to the modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai, to understand more about the ideal ways to incorporate this feature.


Access smarter storage options:


Storage in the kitchen area can be the biggest concern for the home owners. There is no way you should take your storage needs lightly. Keep your storage requirement in mind before you take the final decision. Plan how many cabinets and drawers would you need and where. Talk to the modular kitchen dealers in Kolkata , to learn about the storage modules available. With a parallel layout you can have access to the maximum amount of storage space, as you can build storage units alongside one wall. Build drawers underneath the kitchen counter and you can easily stash your pots and pans there neatly, you can use different drawers for storing different items. You can use the top one for storing cutlery, and keep things separate with the right organizers. Whether you are using the drawer dividers or, something else be precise about the quantity. Furthermore, the touch-to-open cabinets and drawers can be such a hassle free experience for you.


Build corner cabinets:


In your kitchen do not let the corner space go to waste. You should build corner cabinets keeping your specific kitchen layout in mind, if you want to get modular kitchen in Kochi, then visit the showrooms and explore the options available. The area in a traditional setting usually goes to waste and there is no way this could be used for any other purpose, except for placing the trash bins. So, when you build corner cabinets you address this issue and utilize the corner space. You can build cornered drawers, or, could also install the magic corners. You can especially benefit a lot from the latter, as you can use the shelves as spice racks, or, even for placing knickknacks.


Opt for the latest modular kitchen trends:


Before you reach out to the kitchen manufacturers in Chennai , you must keep track of the latest trends that are currently being implemented by the homeowners. From the latest color trends to the modular kitchen accessories you must incorporate the ideas that fit your budget and needs. For example, the dual toned kitchen is now trending, but instead of opting for white you should consider exploring the other options, because white and other colors can easily get stained. Also include pull-out baskets, under-sink-accessories, and more such options.



Those were the ideas that you should be keeping in mind before you start working on your customization plan. The modular kitchen could be highly functional, if you plan it well, so learn about the trends, list down all your needs, and have a conversation with the modular kitchen dealers in Kolkata, before finalizing anything.


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