Did you know about these cost-effective ways of India kitchen remodeling?

Did you know about these cost-effective ways of India kitchen remodeling?

Indian kitchen ideas

The kitchen is the most important area in your house, it is where the meals are prepared for the whole family. This area gets mostly taken for granted because it is after all a place where food is cooked, and except for the one who is cooking, the rest just casually strolls in and out of the kitchen. But eventually you have to take note, when your kitchen no longer feels like the ideal place for cooking. You know it is time for an upgrade which can only be done through a remodel. Now a kitchen remodel sounds expensive, and it is indeed an expensive project for any homeowner. Do not feel daunted, we have some cost-effective kitchen remodeling ideas, that you would appreciate. However, if you truly want to upgrade your kitchen then you should consider learning about the latest trends of modern kitchen in India.


Now let’s check out the remodeling ideas here.


India kitchen remodeling ideas: How to keep the cost low?


Do your planning:


Before you begin your project you should figure out your specific needs because of which you are planning a kitchen remodel in the first place. List down your biggest concern, or, concerns that must immediately be addressed through remodeling work. Learn about the cost of remodeling from your local contractors, and you can also do your own calculations, and compare rates, figure out which you could do yourself, and which are the tasks that need professional handling. Explore the modern Indian kitchen ideas that are trending now. This way you can easily figure out how to upgrade your existing kitchen features.


Work on your cabinets:


With prolonged usage and poor maintenance the cabinets get worn out. You have probably ended up with creaking hinges, and worn out knobs and pulls, and the cabinets now look dull. If you do not have the budget to replace your cabinets then you should give the cabinets a quick makeover. You can do this yourself without the help of an expert. Just change the cabinet hardware, and get brand new pulls, and knobs. You can immediately feel the difference, if the hinges are old then replacing them is a must. You should repaint the cabinets and choose a color that can hide all the flaws and refresh the look. White or, other neutral colors would be a great idea. However, before you took up the paint brush you must consider taking a good look at the cabinet surface, and remove the stains first. However, if you think that the cabinet doors are beyond salvation then you should replace the doors, which will not cost much. Explore the latest trends of kitchen cabinets in India, before proceeding.


Light up the space:


If your kitchen needs renovation, then you should change the lighting. Take a look at the kitchen and find areas that need more light, if you have overhead cabinets then install some under cabinet lighting which can light up the countertop area. You can also install task lighting above the sink, this would not only brighten up the kitchen area, but will also help you carry out your tasks. You can find plenty of light fixtures in the market, or, even online at a great price, play with shapes here to bring in some variety in the kitchen. Hang pendant lights above the kitchen island. With the strategic placement of the lighting fixtures you can work wonders within budget.


Make room for storage:


This might be the biggest problem that you are facing in your kitchen now. Your kitchen is no longer the way it used to be a couple of years back. Your needs have changed, and you have more items in the kitchen than before, and you are having trouble making room for all. The cabinets that you started your kitchen journey with cannot be stuffed anymore. So, what you should rather be doing is to make room for storage. You do not want to replace the cabinets as that would be too much cost, but you can certainly add new cabinets and other storage solutions within budget. You probably have unused space on the walls where you can add new cabinets, explore the designs of kitchen cabinets in India. However, before adding vertical cabinets, you must measure the height. The cabinets should be at an ideal height so that you can access the items within without facing any discomfort.


Do not have space for cabinets? You can add open shelves which are currently trending. The open shelves are the problem solvers. You can add three or, more vertically above the countertop area and place the spice jars, utensils that you regularly need and which should be within your reach. Furthermore, you can install a pegboard in the kitchen for hanging spatulas or, other accessories. The designs for modern kitchen in India, have changed dramatically with the inclusion of smart storage modules.


Smart modular kitchen accessories:


The modular kitchen accessories could be the ultimate solution that you have been looking for. If you do not want to cross your budget, then getting the accessories can solve issues. If you are having trouble with keeping things organized then bring in the kitchen organizers. Changing the entire kitchen layout would be costly, but you can install a two-tier carousel and make use of that hitherto unused kitchen corner space. If possible then squeeze in a tall unit, to make room for spices and grocery essentials. Install under-sink units which could be just perfect for keeping your cleaning essentials. Give your Indian kitchen ideas some interesting twists.


Change your backsplash:


If your old kitchen backsplash have gotten older, you have to ensure that your backsplash is getting replaced. Now if the material of your current backsplash is absolutely in good condition then do not replace it, just repaint it. But choose the color that won’t get stained easily. If the current ones need replacement, then do not worry you can easily replace that, just take the DIY route and grab the self adhesive tiles. In no time you will have a new kitchen that you adore.


You could try these ideas if you are considering a remodel. A successful remodeling requires meticulous planning and attention to details. However, if you truly want to make your kitchen functional, then opt for a modular kitchen. The modern kitchen in India is now taking the modular route as this concept enhances the aesthetic value and the functionality of the kitchen.


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