Designing Your Modern Kitchen? Be Aware of These Design Flaws

Designing Your Modern Kitchen? Be Aware of These Design Flaws

Designing Your Modern Kitchen? Be Aware of These Design Flaws

The kitchen is that one room in your house that buzzes with activities from the morning to the night. The kitchen needs to be designed with care, taking the design for granted would be a big mistake and would affect the functionality of the kitchen. Oftentimes, the users get carried away by ideas and end up getting stuck with a design that does not work for them. The presence of design flaws would hamper the kitchen efficiency and in a couple of years the user might have to renovate it. If you are planning a modern kitchen design or, might plan one in the future learn about these designs flaws now so that you can avoid them. So, let’s find out what these flaws are.


Be aware of these modern kitchen design flaws:


Ignoring the kitchen triangle rule:


Although this rule might seem unimportant, it is a highly effective rule that must be followed. When you maintain the right distances among three important elements in your kitchen- the sink, the fridge and the hob you end up creating an imaginary triangle. These three elements are what you access the most in your kitchen, so if there is any obstruction in your way, it would be annoying and the kitchen work would be a cumbersome affair. So, before you finalize a modern or, a modular kitchen design you should keep this rule in mind. You must check out the plumbing outlet and then decide the placement of the hob and the refrigerator. Implement this rule first and then get on with the rest of the elements.


Not having the right countertop:


One more design flaw that you should be avoiding would be taking the countertop area for granted. The countertop should be optimally designed; this is the place where you would be engaged with meal preparation activities and this is where the hob would be placed along with small kitchen appliances. This countertop therefore needs to be well planned, the height should be just right. If the counter is too high or, low it would be a hassle for you to get your work done. Furthermore, the kitchen counter should be spacious enough too, so that you can place the necessary items and it would be ideal for your kitchen work. While designing learn about different materials and find out which one would be absolutely ideal. If you are planning to invest in a modular kitchen, then talk to the dealer to learn about the best materials and modular kitchen price in Bangalore.


Poor storage planning:


Another flaw that can seriously hamper the kitchen efficiency is not having the right storage solutions. If you do not calculate your storage requirements then you will end up with a flawed kitchen which does not have sufficient storage modules. The modern kitchen design is known for smart storage solutions and before designing any storage module in the kitchen you should consider learning about different styles of the storage modules. Make sure that every item in your kitchen has a place and you should also consider implementing organizers so that everything stays in its place. If you study any latest modular kitchen design, you would find there to be a diverse range of storage solutions including a pantry section, floating shelves to sort out the storage mess and keep the kitchen absolutely clutter-free.


Aping a style:


Your kitchen should be a customized place that is designed keeping every requirement of yours in mind. It would be a big flaw if you ape kitchen styles that you like because this would not be suitable for your kitchen needs. You might end up appreciating a latest kitchen design but it might not be ideal for your kitchen, a kitchen layout should be absolutely perfect for your place. For example, if you have an open kitchen space then choosing the galley kitchen layout would not work for you. So, you should pay attention to details, and stress on customization. As you learn about the modular kitchen price in Bangalore you should also learn about the customization cost.


Conclusion: Keep these design flaws in mind if you want your modern kitchen design to be absolutely flawless. Pay attention to details and your requirements before you start planning your kitchen.


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