Go Handleless

Go Handleless

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Handleless kitchens have been very popular for quite some time, and rightly so. Not only do they give your kitchen a minimalist, spacious look, they are super functional and give your kitchen a contemporary look.


Types of Handleless kitchens




In this design, a J-shaped groove is fixed at the top edge of the drawers, so you can hook your fingers in the curve to pull the drawers


True Handleless Kitchen


A true handleless kitchen door is fixed slightly shorter in height or width than the unit so you can stick your finger behind the door to open it.


Push-to-open Cabinets


As the name suggests, instead of pulling the drawers and cabinets towards the outside, these cabinets open on their own when you give them a slight push towards the inside.


Why go for a Handleless Kitchen?


Apart from the fact that a handleless kitchen is super easy to use, they also help you move your hands more freely while working, so you don’t have to bother about hitting your fingers against the handles every time. Handleless kitchens from the top modular kitchen brands in India also make cleaning easy, as there is no dust accumulated around the nooks and corners of the handles. On top of that, they give the kitchen a uniform, spacious and a contemporary look.


What more reasons do you need to go handleless?


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