How to create a functional kitchen? Check out smart solutions from Hacker

How to create a functional kitchen? Check out smart solutions from Hacker

How to create a functional kitchen? Check out smart solutions from Hacker

Kitchen design is one of the most complicated tasks you will ever undertake. Ask architects and interior designers; they will tell you how many brainstorming sessions it takes to design an ideal kitchen space for the client. Kitchen designs may vary according to personal taste and requirements. However, regardless of the kitchen’s design and style, kitchen functionality remains the primary requirement of every client.


Be it rolling out meals for the family or entertaining guests, the kitchen is a hub of activities. A functional kitchen ensures that you can seamlessly carry out activities in the kitchen and keep it clutter-free.


Hacker kitchens are known for their unmatched functionality because we pay attention to the tiniest details while designing a modular kitchen. We are constantly innovating ergonomic features that help create a practical kitchen design.


Internal organization is one of the crucial aspects of a functional kitchen design. In our blog, we’ll talk about the Hacker tools that enable users to ace the internal kitchen organization game. Let’s check out these features here:


Check out smart functional kitchen solutions from Hacker:


Flexible cutlery inserts: 


You store multiple items in your modular kitchen, and you require many of them every day. Hence, you must assign a specific space to each item to locate them in a jiffy. Organizing the cutlery stack is challenging, but you can win this challenge in your kitchen with flexible cutlery inserts from Hacker.


This perfect cutlery organizer lets you group your cutlery in the drawer. Keep your spoons, forks, whisks, small graters, and other miscellaneous items you wish to keep in neat compartments to spot them easily. One significant benefit of these inserts is that these small items stay

put and do not roll away when you open or close the drawer.


These inserts are adjustable; you can reposition them whenever you add new items or remove some. Due to the flexible design, these compartments are super easy to clean! Visit our showroom to explore our latest modular kitchen models and accessories.


The drawer dividers: 


A modern kitchen design cannot be complete without pull-out drawers. Along with enhancing the style quotient, it guarantees smooth operation. But every time you pull out the drawers, the contents clash, and the rattling sound that ensues can be irritating.


Put a stop to this with our horizontal and vertical dividers that will keep both clutter and noise out. It works great when you organize oddly shaped items; keep them tidy and locate


them without fumbling through the drawer.


The Separation sticks:


Pots and pans are integral parts of every kitchen; storing such large utensils is a challenge in the kitchen as they take up a lot of space and, when stacked in a drawer, bang against each other. You can hang them, but they will collect dust. Hacker designs drawers that come with

Separation sticks to store large utensils; these sticks keep the items apart from each other.


These sticks come in handy for storing your precious and fragile china sets and will ensure the safety of your china. These sticks are a flexible feature as one can reposition them to accommodate utensils of varying sizes and maximize the space.


Practical waste system: Pull-out containers


A kitchen produces lots of waste every day. Putting kitchen waste in a garbage can under the sink is standard practice, but it’s not a practical solution. At Hacker, we understand that a modern kitchen design needs an intelligent waste management system.


Hence, we have devised this innovative pull-out waste system installed right under the worktop, where all actions happen. The user can push the peels and other waste into these containers as they work. Disposing of or recycling waste is easy, as you can easily remove any of these containers and replace them once you clean them.


Removable pull-outs for your cleaning supplies:


While designing a kitchen, we pay attention to every aspect of the kitchen. One does not create a separate space for cleaning supplies and stash them in a small cabinet under the sink. But we know how essential these items are and make them accessible with our removable pull-outs. Keep your dishwashing liquid and cleaning tools neatly sorted in these compartments under the sink.


Wooden boxes for the shelves: 


There are not only utensils in the kitchen but also other items that you require each day. There are condiment bottles, spice jars, small kitchen tools, herbs, and whatnot. Keep everything organized with petite MOVE wooden boxes. Enhance functionality and access everything in a jiffy.


Hacker’s modular kitchens are functional and elegant. We provide innovative kitchen solutions to make your job hassle-free in the kitchen. Explore our exclusive modular kitchen showroom nearest you to learn about the kitchen accessories and storage solutions we offer.



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