Keep These Kitchen Design Ideas in Mind Before Planning Your First Kitchen

Keep These Kitchen Design Ideas in Mind Before Planning Your First Kitchen

Keep these kitchen design ideas in mind before planning your first kitchen

Planning a kitchen for the first time might feel like a daunting task for you, not having enough knowledge regarding the designing intricacies might hamper the process in the long run. The kitchen design should not only be focused on aesthetics, but it should also pay equal attention to the functionality of the kitchen. Striking the right balance can completely transform your kitchen and make it the perfect kitchen for you. Before you begin explore some modern kitchen design ideas that are trending now, and also check out the ones we have listed below for you. So, let’s begin now.


Check Out These Modern Kitchen Design Ideas:


Be specific about the usage:

This might seem a little puzzling, but you just have to understand that a modern kitchen has many usages. It is no longer just the cooking space where you cook; you also use the place for entertaining guests, and also for serving food three times a day. So, now the kitchen is divided into many zones, and so before you start coming up with a design you should consider figuring out what usages you will subject your kitchen to, based on that you should select the latest kitchen design in India.


 Figure out the kitchen layout:

The next idea that you should work on is to decide which layout will be ideal for your kitchen, and for that, you must consider exploring the kitchen designs that are trending. There are a varied number of layouts available which are designed to suit different kitchen spaces from open to enclosed, from small to big ones. Figuring out the ideal layout will help you streamline the kitchen design. Without the right layout, you will have trouble managing your chores every day. Furthermore, you will also have problems regarding the storage, once you are sure about the layout you can find out which modular kitchen furniture you need to get.


Pay attention to the height:

In a kitchen, you have to place certain elements overhead such as the cabinets for example, and the shelves. The height of them must be measured correctly if you do not want to tire yourself every day trying to access something inside the overhead cabinets. The height of the countertop matters as well. The kitchen work should not get more complicated than it already is, and the height of the countertop if it is not ideal then there would be problems while chopping vegetables, or, doing other meal preparation tasks, the length of it should be ideal as well. Maintaining the ideal height holds the key to a successful modern kitchen design.


Kitchen storage:

The kitchen is not only the place where food is cooked, but it is also the place where groceries and other kitchen essentials are stored. Hence, having the right storage modules would matter to a great degree, because without an adequate amount of storage your kitchen will be a mess. Working in a cluttered kitchen might become a hassle for you, and you won’t be able to locate anything in a hurry soon. If you are opting for a modular kitchen then choose your modular kitchen furniture carefully. To be able to get it done without any hassle you should calculate your storage requirements carefully so that you do not miss out on things, and design the perfect cabinets or, drawers for you. Explore latest cabinet and drawer designs and select what suits your requirement best. Try to position the drawers below the cooktop and keep your regular accessories there, and also install a small shelf above to put your spice containers. This will make your kitchen work so easy.


Create a separate pantry unit:

This is absolutely essential for your kitchen, although we do not pay attention to this unit much, this should definitely be taken into account. In fact, if you take a look at any modern kitchen design in India, you would find there is a pantry unit. Now you can play with the design here, you can simplify things and add a couple of shelves for your grocery items, and place doors to keep it separate and protected. On the other hand, the smart tall units would add an edge to your chic kitchen design. The idea here is to stop your kitchen from getting all cluttered. Explore pantry designs and make room for one in your kitchen.


The golden triangle rule should be a priority:

The kitchen needs to have the perfect work triangle, which is all about maintaining an ideal distance between the fridge, the cooktop, and the sink. In short, the kitchen must have adequate space so that you can move about these main areas without getting obstructed. This will ensure that your movement in the kitchen is absolutely hassle-free especially when you are busy and when you have to switch between areas quickly; you will also find it easier to access items. Implementing this rule is essential for a good modern kitchen design.


Designing your first kitchen will become easier if you pay attention to your core needs, and also the space you have in the kitchen. Check out the above-mentioned design ideas as they are aimed at helping you design a functional kitchen space

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