Efficient modular kitchen planning tips for the first-timers!

Efficient modular kitchen planning tips for the first-timers!

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Taking the decision of getting a modular kitchen is definitely a big step; it is an exciting prospect as you are going to be the proud owner of a perfectly stylish and highly functional kitchen. However, the efficiency of a modular kitchen depends mostly on the designing process. Your modular kitchen must be customized to suit your various needs and you have to communicate your requirements to the top modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai. If this is your first modular kitchen then you have to pay extra attention to details. Here are some modular kitchen planning tips that the first-timers should try out. Find out what these tips are.


How to plan your first modular kitchen? Check out these tips:


Pick out the ideal layout:


Giving your kitchen the ideal shape holds the clue to kitchen functionality. Your kitchen must be put in a compact layout and for that you need to explore the layouts that are trending now. There are a number of variations available including the island modular kitchen, the parallel modular kitchen, the U-shaped modular kitchen, and several others. Go through each, and also find out how each one takes shape.


Learning about the pros and cons of each design is going to be helpful for you. You would know which layout would fit your requirement better and this will help you find the ideal layout. Explore the different brands of modular kitchen in India, and visit showrooms to understand more about these layouts and which one suits your kitchen.


The work-triangle must be there:


If you have been doing your own research on the kitchen designing processes then you already are aware of the work-triangle. However, even if you are not aware you need to learn that the work-triangle rule is going to be a crucial factor in deciding your kitchen’s functionality. It is all about maintaining the ideal distance between the refrigerator, the sink, and the kitchen stove. The implementation of the work-triangle rule in the modular kitchen models is important as you can easily move between different areas without any problem. Things can get better when you use the work-triangle rule and keep your movement in the kitchen absolutely hassle-free and unobstructed.


Pay attention to the corners:


The corner areas of a kitchen are vital; you should not waste these spaces while designing your modular kitchen. Usually in a regular kitchen this area goes to waste because of lack of planning. Just take a look at the different layouts and find out how the corner spaces are being utilized. The modular kitchen has the smartest solutions that would help you put your corner areas to great use. You can also approach modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai, and talk about the customization options you have. This would be a great way to ensure that every bit of your modular kitchen is being used with the purpose of making it an efficient place.


Do not neglect customization:


When it comes to modular kitchen, customization plays a key role in ensuring that the kitchen stays efficient. In fact, customization happens to be the most beneficial feature of the modular kitchen. So, before you talk to a manufacturer of modular kitchen in India, survey your kitchen and prepare a list of your unique requirements. Before you finalize anything talk to the dealer and communicate your customization ideas clearly, and you might receive some great advice too, since they have been around in this field for a long time they can guide you better.


Keep ventilation in mind:


While designing a modular kitchen you have to pay attention to the ventilation. Without ventilation the heat, odor, grease will stay trapped in the kitchen, and ruin the kitchen. You should install a kitchen chimney, approach your modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai and learn about the appliance brands they are partnering with, and you can select the best model that has advanced features and also fits your budget right. While planning the layout also make room for doors and windows so that the fresh air could enter your kitchen.


Choose storage modules carefully:


A modular kitchen comes with adequate storage modules, explore the modular kitchen models and you will be amazed by the sheer variety available. You can easily find the style that fits your kitchen right, choose from the range of cabinets, drawers, and if needed you can also add shelves. Measure your storage requirements and you should design your storage modules accordingly. This way you will always have access to the adequate number of modules, and you will be able to keep the items neatly organized. Also for a more seamless experience you can choose handle-less designs.


Conclusion: Keep these above mentioned planning tips in mind if you are designing a modular kitchen for the first time. Even if you decide to settle down for a regular kitchen, always keep your priorities in mind to enhance kitchen functionality.



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