Keep These Pointers in Mind Before Designing The Pantry in Your Modular Kitchen

Keep These Pointers in Mind Before Designing The Pantry in Your Modular Kitchen

Keep These Pointers in Mind Before Designing The Pantry in Your Modular Kitchen

The kitchen storage needs to be varied to accommodate all the items that are supposed to be stored in there. However, the modular kitchen design tackles the storage issue more efficiently and systematically, and you have access to cabinets, drawers, and open shelves to make room for your things. The pantry section is often overlooked but when added to the kitchen design it could take care of the storage problems in a jiffy. If you are planning on adding the pantry unit in your modular kitchen in Bangalore, then you should keep these pointers in mind to make it efficient. Find out what these are here.


How to design a pantry in your modular kitchen:


Always plan:


The right pantry design might not be as easier as you would think. The trick is to understand how to design the pantry to make it perfect for your kitchen. To design the right pantry you have to start by planning right; you should decide which items will go into your pantry unit, and you have to be specific about that. Make a list and review it, once you finalize the items you want to store in there you would know how to plan the pantry, as you will have more clarity regarding the storage space you would require, and you can add shelves, compartments accordingly. Along with groceries you might want to put the smaller appliances in there, so you have to make space for all of that in the pantry in your modular kitchen in Mumbai.


Select the right style:


Once you are clear about the size of your pantry unit, you should decide which style to opt for. The pantry units are available in versatile designs and you have to decide which one to opt for. You should explore the market and check out the current styles. Depending upon your kitchen size and the amount of room that can be allocated to the pantry, you should choose a style. If space is not an issue in your kitchen and you have many items to store then you should definitely opt for a walk-in pantry. This will help you access items easily. Even if you do not have that much space and your kitchen is a small space you need to opt for pull-out designs that come with multiple sections to help you store things in a systematic way. Explore the modular kitchen stores in Indore to check out different pantry styles.


Come up with a system:


If you want to organize your pantry then you have to be systemic with your storage. You should add shelves or, sections and designate each for specific items. For example, a shelf could be for the spice jars, and another could be for small appliances. It is a good idea to group similar items together, as that would make everything systematic and you can locate items in a hurry as well. The pantry in your modular kitchen in Bangalore must have different sections for different items. If possible then label the jars, and add racks and wicker baskets to make it organized.


Optimize the space:


The pantry whether big or, small, should be fully utilized and for that you have to optimize the space you have. Every inch of the pantry should be utilized. You can start from the pantry door and you can install racks there or, a pegboard to hang certain items. You can also build small shelves there and make room for the bottles, jars, and other stuff that could be quickly accessed. This way the load on the main pantry section would be less as well. Likewise you should plan your pantry storage units in a way that no space gets wasted, if needed use the vertical space as well. The more you optimize the space in your pantry the easier it would be for you to make your modular kitchen in Mumbai functional.


Light it up:


The kitchen pantry might be the storage unit where you stash your grocery, and other items, but that does not mean you will take the design for granted. Do not forget to install the right lighting scheme to make the pantry in your modular kitchen in Bangalore super efficient and accessible. The kitchen pantry needs to be well-lit for you to be able to access items in a jiffy. Install task lighting under the shelves to make your pantry well-lit and your items easily accessible.


Conclusion:  The kitchen pantry is a useful section in your kitchen and you need to ensure that it is really designed well. For design ideas and inspiration you should check the modular kitchen stores in Indore, and in other cities, and that way you can grasp the design ideas better.




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