Keep your Indian kitchen organized with these cool hacks

Keep your Indian kitchen organized with these cool hacks

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Keeping the kitchen organized is not easy, and something that requires a lot of work, planning and maintenance. A Indian kitchen is a busy kitchen and always has so much to store, we cannot simply just put things anywhere and clutter the kitchen area. However, due to lack of planning and right ideas we do end up cluttering the kitchen. Whether you have a luxury kitchen or, a regular kitchen design, organization is the clue to keeping the kitchen neat and tidy. A cluttered kitchen is only going to hamper the kitchen efficiency, and make it difficult for you to carry out your tasks well. So, how to keep your busy kitchen organized? Here are some hacks that will help you out.


Cool hacks to keep your Indian kitchen organized:


Make a list:


A kitchen consists of many items, and soon things can be overwhelming as you would keep on adding to your stash, and the old and new items including your utensils, accessories, cutlery, spice jars, and other knickknacks are going to pile up, however, you should always remember that you won’t need every single item that you have in your kitchen. You must consider making a list of the items that you have and should create a separate list for everything. Now figure out whether you are going to keep everything in the kitchen area. Not every single item that you have is worth keeping, and you might even want to keep some and discard some as you do not see yourself using the items for a long time to come. When you list down everything you end up creating an order. This rule must be followed even if you are considering having a modular kitchen, and are now exploring showrooms of modular kitchen in Kolkata.


Be systematic about storage:


You must be able to find some solutions when it comes to planning storage in your kitchen. No matter where you store the items, you have to be systematic about it. You can try color-coding the items that you store in the kitchen. This rule should be applied to storing your cutlery, spice jars to every other essential item. When you put the same colored items in one particular rack, it gets easier for you to locate items. If most of your items are in white, or, made from materials like stainless steel, copper, you should store them according to storage necessities, such as putting the plates in one place.


Labeling is another great idea to get your kitchen organized. Whether it is your spice jars or, something else you should attach label to the containers, or, baskets. Labeling allows you to locate things in a hurry and keep things organized. Visit the showroom of modular kitchen in Kochi to explore the intelligent solutions they have for creating a neat storage.


Include open shelves:


The open shelves are a rage right now, and you can expect nothing less that efficiency from these shelves. These shelves are trending in the field of modular kitchen design now. The shelves could be installed above the kitchen counter and, you could add more than one. Use a separate shelf for keeping separate items, for example, you can use one shelf for storing the plates, and small bowls. The other shelf might be used for storing cups, glasses, the third one could be installed for storing your mason jars, spice jars. This way everything will be neatly stored, and will be within your reach. If you have visited the showroom of a modular kitchen in Kolkata, and have been through the designs, you must have seen the extensive usage of these shelves.


Install drawers


Drawers could be the ideal solution for you, if you want your luxury kitchen to stay organized all the time. You can install shallow drawers, as well as deep drawers and customize both with the right compartments. When you have separate sections for the drawers you can easily make room for different objects. For example, you can easily use the shallow ones for the purpose of keeping the cutlery. On the other hand, you can use the deep drawers for storing your big utensils like pots, pans, crockery plates, and much more. The accessibility to drawers ensure that all the items stay in one place, and you can also locate these items whenever you want to. Install drawer dividers for keeping your spoons, spatulas, forks, egg beaters separate from each other. Explore the showroom for modular kitchen in Kochi, and in other places to learn more about the latest drawer designs.


Think the modular way


The modular accessories for kitchen are a lifesaver. Since, modular kitchen accessories are popular for their ability to transform a mundane kitchen in a highly efficient kitchen, you should grab the modular accessories as they help in keeping all your kitchen items neatly organized. You can even utilize the corner cabinet space and store some items there with the help of carousel units. Also, you might consider installing a roll-out pantry unit for stocking the grocery items, and keep these separate yet organized. The moment you create a separate section for the grocery items, you take the step in the right direction of keeping your luxury kitchen organized. Also install the bottle-pullouts, tall units, under sink organizers.


The above mentioned organization ideas could be implemented in both modular and regular kitchens. Always make sure that you plan beforehand to create separate sections for everything, the finer the segregation, the easier it would be for you to keep track of everything. Also do not be a hoarder, let go of things that you no longer use.


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