L shaped vs parallel modular kitchen design: Which one should you go for?

L shaped vs parallel modular kitchen design: Which one should you go for?

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A modular kitchen is such a smart deviation from the traditional kitchen. Along with being pleasing to the eyes, a modular kitchen takes the kitchen functionality to a whole new level. The kitchen turns into a convenient place with the right amount of storage solutions, and built-in appliances. Although the modular kitchen is highly functional you should bear in mind the fact that you must plan your kitchen design prior to contacting modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai. Selecting the right layout holds the key to a smart kitchen design, but how do you select the right one? By being aware of the pros and cons of different layouts and comparing them, it is possible to zero in on the right one for you. To help you out, in this post we will be comparing the two popular modular kitchen layouts namely the L-shaped layout and the parallel layout while discussing the pros and cons of both. Let’s begin.


L shaped vs parallel modular kitchen design:


The L-shaped layout:


l shape design


The L-shaped layout is most definitely the popular layout available out there. This concept basically works really well for an open kitchen and it takes shape by connecting units running through two adjacent walls. The shape is ideal for spacious kitchens as well, all in all it is a flexible layout that can be visually appealing and convenient. So, what are the pros and cons? Before contacting any of the modular kitchen companies, you should learn about them.


The pros:


The flexibility:


There is no denying the fact that this particular design is extremely flexible, from an open kitchen, to a small kitchen, to a big one, this layout can be ideal for each and every kind of kitchen. If you have a spacious kitchen then you can place an island in the middle too. Talk to the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi, to learn more about this layout.


Segmentation is easy:


If you want to keep your meal prep area separate from the cooking area and sink, then this layout gives you the freedom to do so.


Optimum usage of the corner space:


When it comes to a small kitchen design, the corner space cannot be let go to waste, with the L shaped layout you can resolve the corner storage issue by installing the magic corners.


Ideal work triangle:


Implementing the work triangle gets super easy with the L shaped layout, as the three main areas would be separate from each other.


The Cons:


There cannot be multiple cooks:


When you are working with this type of layout you have to understand that in a small kitchen this layout cannot work for multiple cooks.


There might be a limitation in terms of storage:


While working with these layout you have a certain amount of space available to build your storage and other modules. There might be a limitation here.



For a big family it has limitations:


For a small nuclear family this shape might be ideal, but for a big family it can be a little problematic, as there would be requirement for more storage and a larger countertop area. You might need an island to create a separate workstation and storage.


That was our take on the L shaped layout, it does have some cons but the advantages are too good to ignore. Contact the modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai to finalize this layout if you are convinced.


Now let’s move on to the parallel layout and let’s learn about the pros and cons.


The parallel layout:


parallel kitchens


The parallel layout is another popular layout, in this layout there are two kitchen units run parallel to each other, each unit consists of different modules for cabinets, drawers, appliances. If you have a narrow kitchen space then this layout could be ideal. Let’s learn about its pros and cons before you pay a visit to the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi .


The Pros:




This layout is extremely convenient as you can easily switch between two different units smoothly without any obstruction and you can easily implement the triangle


Customization at its best:

Since two units run through opposite walls, it is possible for you to create a large countertop area, and also large amount of storage space. You can easily customize both as per you need and you can expand the countertop area and use the other unit for storage modules only.


Suitable for multiple cooks:


This layout allows two cooks to operate at the same time in the kitchen.


The cons:


Not right for the open kitchen plans:


This layout is not at all ideal for an open kitchen. It is good for only enclosed spaces.


For too small a space not convenient:


If the kitchen space is too small then there won’t be much room available in the middle for movement.


Placing the appliances might be an issue:


The appliance placement in the kitchen might be an issue with this layout. You have to plan the placement of every appliance carefully. Explore the options offered by the modular kitchen companies.


The parallel layout or, the galley kitchen layout does have many advantages and it allows you to have as much storage as you need. You might give it a thought if the cons do not apply to your kitchen space.




Both the L shaped and the parallel shaped modular kitchen layouts are unique and come with pros and cons. Compare both, keep your kitchen area in mind along with your specific needs so that you can choose the right layout before reaching out to the modular kitchen manufacturers in Chennai.


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