7 modular kitchen design secrets you didn’t know about

7 modular kitchen design secrets you didn’t know about

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The kitchen being the most important place in the house, efforts must be taken to design it in a way that guarantees high functionality. A significant percentage of homeowners is now veering towards the modular kitchens, as this promises to take the kitchen functionality to the next level. The modular kitchen does solve the kitchen woes and, if designed well it could be the perfect solution for you. Anyone planning a visit to a showroom for modular kitchen in Bangalore, should have a clear idea regarding how to design their modular kitchen and customize it. Well, here are some design secrets that are being shared with you to help you plan the perfect modular kitchen.


7 modular kitchen design secrets:


Build vertical storage:


When you think of the modular kitchen you think of the storage modules neatly lined under the countertop area. However, since modular kitchen can be customized according to any need you should consider trying out innovative storage ideas. If your kitchen is small or, medium sized you should utilize the space on the walls. You can install cabinets on both sides of the kitchen counter and keep your regular kitchen essentials, some crockery there. Make sure that the cabinets height is right, so that you can reach them in a hurry, also opt for glass door cabinets, to make it easier for you to locate items. You can also use these cabinets to display your crockery and other items.



Furthermore, you can add open shelves and enhance the aesthetic appeal, as well as the functionality in one go. The open shelves can be used for keeping your spice jars, other items that you use frequently as well as your coffee mugs and crockery, cookbooks. While learning about the modular kitchen price in Kolkata, learn about the vertical storage options.


Appliances must be energy efficient:


The modular kitchen comes with modern built-in appliances. Especially if you opt for the German kitchen brands, you can certainly expect the high-end appliances making their way into the kitchen. From the dishwasher, cooktop to the kitchen chimney each and every appliance should be chosen carefully. The kitchen chimney especially is a must, it will most definitely take care of the oil, grime, to ensure that your kitchen surface remains absolutely clean and glossy all the time, and the kitchen air remains odour-free. Learn about the different appliance brands they are partnering with and learn about the features. You should always choose appliances that are energy-efficient, since you would be using the appliances for a long time in the kitchen, it makes sense to choose ones that will help you save money on the bill.


Opt for drawers:


Although we think of cabinets when it comes to planning storage modules, you must learn to diversify your choice and take a practical approach to it. Upon exploring the storage solutions that are available with a modular kitchen in Bangalore, you would find a surprising variety of drawers. It truly makes sense to opt for drawers in your modular kitchen. The tandem drawers especially solves your storage issues like a pro, no matter what you want to store and how, you will always have the best options with the tandem drawers. From your pots, pans to your crockery plates everything can be safely stored in these drawers. You can look for variations available, such as the shallow drawers that come with organizers to keep your items neatly arranged.


You do not need all the accessories!


Since modular kitchen designs have become more popular because of the smart accessories they come with, while designing a kitchen homeowners prefer to get them all. But while choosing a modular kitchen accessory you should pause and think, do you really need this? It is absolutely alright to feel overwhelmed by the options available and feel tempted to include everything, but if you do not need an accessory then why include it? If you have a small kitchen space where you have to make use of the corner space, you should get the S-shaped carousel unit, or, an oil pull-out to make room for other stuff. But if you have a spacious kitchen where you can have separate sections you should not bother about these. You should learn about the accessories too, and with less accessories you can also save money. Learn about modular kitchen price in Kolkata, and also available options before making a move.


A pantry section must be there:


Without the pantry section your kitchen is definitely going to be a mess, you will have to overstuff your cabinets. So, be practical and include a pantry unit in your modular kitchen. If your kitchen is small and you need compact units then the pull-out pantry unit would be just perfect, you can easily put the essentials that you want to keep there and it would not take up much space. The tall units are really good additions to the kitchen space, and you can customize these for your place. There would be separate sections available so you can also keep your items organized without any hassle. You can also keep things simple by installing open shelves with glass doors and use plastic jars with labels to store your grocery items. Explore the options available with the German kitchen brands, and start planning your pantry.


Find the right layout:


The layout of your kitchen plays a crucial role and there is no way you should take it lightly. Look for the available layouts and learn about the pros and cons of each. The L-shaped layout is quite popular so is the U-shaped layout. While the former is absolutely great for small kitchens and open kitchens, you need a big kitchen to make the U-shape work. While selecting a layout you should keep the golden triangle rule in mind. The L-shaped layout, and the parallel layout enable you to implement this rule effortlessly. However, with the parallel layout you can also enjoy maximum storage space and also have the ideal kitchen countertop area. The selection of the right layout can help you increase the functionality of the kitchen.


Keep an eye on the latest trends:


When you are designing your modular kitchen you must look for the latest trends. The modular kitchen design is evolving as new trends are emerging to make this design chic and highly functional. So, while looking for modular kitchen in Bangalore, you must learn which features, colors are trending. The dual-toned kitchen is definitely a popular choice among the modern home owners, and so is the matt finish. There is also a trend to mix the textures, and the cabinets and the drawers are also going handle-less, and islands are getting extremely popular. Implement the trends that are absolutely right for your place.


Keep these design secrets in mind before you start your own planning process. Your needs will always determine the ideal modular kitchen design that will make your kitchen functional and beautiful.


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