Not enough storage space in your Indian kitchen? Try these modular kitchen design solutions

Not enough storage space in your Indian kitchen? Try these modular kitchen design solutions

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Having adequate storage space is a must for every kitchen, and for Indian kitchens the storage assumes a greater significance. From numerous utensils to grocery every single item needs its own space, unless your kitchen has that space you will have to deal with the issue of clutter. You just have to keep in mind the fact that storage is an essential element in your kitchen, and unless and until you make room for your stuff you will have problem navigating around your kitchen. However, the modular kitchen storage solutions can be truly the problem solver for the Indian kitchen space. Learn about the modular kitchen design solutions that modular kitchen companies offer, that can help your create the right storage essentials in the kitchen. So, let’s take a look at the available solutions here.



Try the modular kitchen design solutions to have better storage options:



Smart cabinets to the rescue:



In a carpenter-made kitchen it is not possible for you to manage with the traditionally built cabinets that are not at all adequate. So, basically what you have to do is to find storage solutions that can only come with the modular kitchen in Chennai. The best part about modular kitchen design is that, you can easily customize the cabinets as per your need, from the number of cabinets to the style of the cabinets everything can be customized.


So, instead of the regular cabinets you can choose the seamless cabinets which come with built-in appliances and accessories and thereby giving your kitchen a modern look, you can easily access any item that you need in a jiffy and that too without having to struggle with any knobs or, handles. You can also opt for glass cabinets which make it easier to store your items neatly in order, and you can easily locate any item you need without having to open the door. In an island modular kitchen you can also get some cabinets built into the island and that can definitely expand your storage solutions.


Have some drawers:


While thinking about storage, having only the cabinets is not enough, you should have drawers. The modular kitchen storage modules are diverse and the drawers play a prominent role in ensuring that you are being able to store all your essentials in the drawers. Visit the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi, and learn about the different kinds of drawers that come with the models. However, here are a couple of options that you might like to try out. The tandem drawers are a great option, if you have plenty of utensils then you should consider, opting for them. These are big and come with the right slots to let you store your essentials in an organized manner. The best part of the deal is that these make accessing things so easy. The drawers just slide out and lets you pick up your items, or, put things back in their slots. Furthermore, you can opt for both shallow and deep drawers, the latter would be great for storing pans and pots, while the shallow one can be used for storing cutlery and it also comes with cutlery organizer to keep things sorted. The modular kitchen companies come with the latest designs to make things more interesting.


There are dish drawers that allow you to put all your regular and special crockery plates in place. You can easily stack your plates and these are designed in a way that you can be sure of the safety of your crockery plates. You can also install under-the sink drawers that do let you store the essentials like the dishwashing liquids, scrubbing pads, the


The corner area can be utilized:


With the carpenter-made kitchen you cannot utilize the corner space and that area just gets wasted. With a modular kitchen in Chennai, you can certainly address these issues as you can easily build corner cabinets, and even corner drawers can be built to help you optimize the corner area and making room for items. You can easily access the items you want with the help of latest accessories like the lazy susan, or, the magic corners, 2-tiered carousel units. You can store your spice jars, your sauce bottles, and other stuff easily there. Thanks to these modular accessories you can easily reach for these items and can also solve the storage problem. The corner section of your kitchen gets utilized as everything gets sorted.


Have the pantry section:


One of the biggest worries of kitchen owners is that there isn’t any provision for the grocery items that get stocked in the kitchen. So, in such a situation having a pantry section can be the most ideal solution, and with a modular kitchen you can certainly expect to build the right pantry unit. Talk to the modular kitchen dealers in Delhi, and you can learn about the different units that are available. You can easily opt for the pull-out pantry units, that can be such a big blessing. You can methodically stock your items, and these units simply slide out to let you store the items you need or, access them. You can build your pantry unit any which way you want, the tall-units or, you can have multiple shelves installed on the walls, or, having pantry cabinets can also be a great option for you.


The modular kitchen is no doubt a smarter solution in terms of storage and high functionality. So, if your kitchen needs more storage space, then you might consider switching to modular kitchen designs. Explore the modular kitchen companies, and be ready for a smarter kitchen.



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