Looking To Include A Kitchen Island In Your Modular Kitchen Design? Avoid These Design Errors

Looking To Include A Kitchen Island In Your Modular Kitchen Design? Avoid These Design Errors

Looking To Include A Kitchen Island In Your Modular Kitchen Design? Avoid These Design Errors

The kitchen island is a versatile element that can transform a kitchen in a jiffy. The inclusion of this element alone can up the style quotient of your kitchen and also make your kitchen an efficient place. The island can be the main focal point in your modular kitchen in Ahmedabad, and could also be the center of activity. However, a kitchen island can be your asset if designed right, but a wrong design can make it a burden in the kitchen space, therefore, it is necessary for the kitchen user to plan their island right.  Here some kitchen island design mistakes have been listed, go through the list and avoid them while designing yours.


Avoid making these kitchen island design errors:


Not being aware of your purpose:


When you take the decision to install a kitchen island in your modular kitchen in Bangalore, you should be aware of the purpose of the island. Do you want the kitchen island to be your second work station? Do you need the island for creating a focal point? Are you looking for additional storage options? Think through and be clear about the purpose your kitchen island will serve in the kitchen, because if you are not aware of the purpose, you will find it hard to select the right kitchen island style and size. A random decision might influence your kitchen functionality, and the island will only be an obstruction in the kitchen.


Selecting the wrong size:


The kitchen island does not necessarily have to be too big, in fact the island should be just the right size for your modular kitchen in Indore. Once you become sure about the purpose it is going to serve, you have to pay attention to the size of the island. But just because you need additional storage, hence you assume that your kitchen island must be big enough. If your kitchen space is small and enclosed having a big kitchen island is not a pragmatic approach. Measure your kitchen space, keep your requirement in mind, and explore the available kitchen island styles to know which one would fit your kitchen space the best.


Not paying attention to the workflow:


One more mistake that people make while implementing an island, is that they do not leave room around the kitchen island. Your kitchen island is part of your kitchen, and there should be enough space available around the island so that people can move around the island without feeling obstructed. You have to access your other kitchen units too in your modular kitchen in Ahmedabad, so if your kitchen island is placed at a wrong angle that will make it harder for you to reach other units in the kitchen. So carefully plan the placement of the island. Also pay attention to the plumbing and electrical outlets in the kitchen, if you are going to use the island as your second workstation.  You will install the sink, and may be you will also place the dishwasher, therefore, check the available outlets to find an ideal position for the island.


Selecting the wrong material:


Material selection plays a significant role in the kitchen design. If you are designing a modular kitchen in Bangalore, then you must pay attention to the material you are selecting for your kitchen island. The surface material must be aesthetically pleasing yet, it must be durable and easy to clean. People often opt for materials like marble which are elegant but are difficult to clean. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the material you are selecting for your kitchen island. Keep your purpose in mind, learn about different materials available before you finalize one.


The kitchen island is not well-lit:


Another mistake that users make is they do not pay attention to the kitchen island lighting scheme. Taking this aspect for granted will affect the island’s functionality and style. If you are implementing a kitchen island in your modular kitchen in Indore for only aesthetic purposes, you should install track lighting or pendant lighting to light it up. On the other hand if the island will be a serving area, or, if it will be another workstation then you must install pendant, chandelier light fixtures to illuminate the island. It should be adequately bright for serving its unique purpose.


The kitchen island height is inappropriate:


Installing a kitchen island that is either too high or, too low for your purpose will affect the kitchen functionality. If you want to create a dining area in your modular kitchen in Ahmedabad then your kitchen island must be at the right height. If it’s too high than the seats, that would ruin the purpose of the island, and if you are using the island as the work station then the kitchen island height should not be too low or, you will have to bend to get your work done. So pay attention to the height.




A kitchen island will be your asset in the kitchen, but you must pay attention to the purpose and its design aspects. Go through the errors listed here and avoid them while designing your kitchen island.




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