Planning a Modern Kitchen Design? Do Not Make These Modern Kitchen Storage Mistakes

Planning a Modern Kitchen Design? Do Not Make These Modern Kitchen Storage Mistakes

Planning a Modern Kitchen Design? Do Not Make These Modern Kitchen Storage Mistakes

Storage is an important aspect of the kitchen design, which should never be taken for granted. If you are currently planning a modern kitchen design you have to pay attention to it now. If you randomly plan your storage, your kitchen functionality will be affected and your kitchen will become cluttered in no time. Therefore, it is crucial for you to understand how the modern kitchen storage should be designed. Some common kitchen storage mistakes can be avoided if you become aware of them. Check out these mistakes here.


Modern kitchen storage mistakes that must be avoided:


Not having enough storage modules:


As you plan your kitchen design, you have to build the adequate number of storage modules. You can opt for cabinets and drawers, but if you miscalculate your storage and end up with a lesser number of storage modules than you require, it will be a mistake. You have to include as many cabinets as you need, and if there is space scarcity then install drawers and shelves to accommodated your products. Your modern kitchen design in India must have adequate space for the kitchen essentials. Do not burden your cabinets with too many items, because that would make it impossible for you to access anything.


Not utilizing your wall space:


A mistake that is often made while designing a modern kitchen is that the wall space is left unused, and the pressure is put on the cabinets. The wall space should be utilized especially in a small kitchen. Glass cabinets can take care of the storage issue, but make sure the cabinets are placed at an ideal height so that you can reach the inside of the cabinets. You can also install open shelves which are better storage options than a cabinet. You can install both small and large shelves to place those items that you need in a hurry. Explore luxury modern kitchen designs to check out some stunning vertical storage module styles.


Not having a pantry section:


Not all modern kitchens have a pantry section, and this is a storage mistake that must be avoided. The grocery which mainly comprise dry food items should be stored separately. If these items are stored with other kitchen essentials, accessing these items in a hurry will not be easy. Having a separate pantry section can make the kitchen storage more systematic. It will also reduce pressure on the kitchen cabinets. Create a separate pantry section in your modern kitchen design and keep the grocery items separated from the rest of the kitchen essentials.


Not creating a separate storage zone:


Kitchen storage planning must be done methodically. Kitchen storage should not be planned to store kitchen essentials, the accessibility factor must also be incorporated. Therefore, create a zone for storage in your modern kitchen design in India. The kitchen storage contains all your kitchen essentials starting from kitchen utensils to food items. Therefore, place the kitchen storage zone next to the meal prep and cooking zone, so that you can access any item you need during cooking a meal. This easy accessibility will enhance kitchen functionality, and will save time.


Wasting corner cabinets:


The corner areas in the modern kitchen design are never fully optimized due to lack of planning. You have to install accessories like carousel units, to fully utilize the corner cabinet space.  Instead of stashing items in a hurry you can place the items strategically, and can store more items this way. Also include bottle pull-outs and other such accessories to keep your myriad number of kitchen essentials stored in a systematic way. A smarter kitchen storage design will enhance kitchen functionality.  The luxury modern kitchen designs implement these smart accessories to create a smart, efficient kitchen experience for the user.


Not making space for the cleaning essentials:


The kitchen is a place where you have to keep your cleaning essentials stored as well. But if you do not plan a separate storage section for these items, you can easily misplace them. Furthermore, during cleaning you will not be able to find them, and without a proper storage the kitchen will be absolutely dirty. Therefore, it is best to create a storage zone for such items under the sink. An under sink cabinet would be a perfect place to store your cleaning essentials.


Conclusion: While planning a modern kitchen design you should stay away from making these kitchen storage mistakes. Plan your kitchen storage right, and talk to the experts when needed to ensure that you have the expert guidance required to design the ideal kitchen storage.




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