A breathtaking modern kitchen design: Lush Alpine Green from Hacker

A breathtaking modern kitchen design: Lush Alpine Green from Hacker

A breathtaking modern kitchen design Lush Alpine Green from Hacker

Modern kitchen design is a popular style that homeowners prefer as it seamlessly blends with their modern home interiors. At Hacker Kitchens, we offer an exclusive collection of modular kitchen models ranging from traditional to modern. We cater to the luxury modular kitchen segment and craft German-engineered kitchens with innovative features.


Expect trendy designs and exceptional quality from Hacker Kitchens. We constantly innovate to offer both trendy designs and smart features that redefine modern kitchen design.


If you have been tracking the modern kitchen design trends of late, you must have noticed that green is currently trending and is preferred as an alternative to traditional white and grey.


Here’s the Lush Alpine Green (AV 6000 NCS S 6030-G70Y) model that redefines modern kitchen design. Let’s explore.


Modern kitchen design redefined: Lush Alpine Green


The magnificent green!


It is a welcome break from the conventional color palette. The fresh, vibrant green color is stunning and breathtaking. It brings a refreshing change to the kitchen’s aesthetics and makes your kitchen stand out. The color is an absolute delight, and we owe it to our NCS color system, which enables our customers to customize their color palette as per their preferences.


The modern kitchen design is minimalistic, and this specific color here complements the design style. The versatility of the Lush Alpine Green color also makes it ideal for your office space. The luxury kitchen here gets plenty of natural light due to the presence of glass doors and windows that enhance its appeal. Add some greenery with indoor plants to create a true green kitchen.


We are a carbon neutral company and we design sustainable luxury modular kitchens that are safe for the planet and also for our customers.


The stunning kitchen island:


A kitchen island is such a precious addition to the whole layout. The entire look is minimal, with clean lines, and the island enhances the aesthetic appeal of the design. It comes with an in-built hob and built-in extractor hood, which makes it the perfect addition to the modular kitchen.


The island transforms into the ideal worktop that seamlessly blends with the design flow and screams practicality. The kitchen’s sizable island provides ample space for the user to concentrate on cooking and meal preparation without any interruptions. The island’s strategic positioning demonstrates thoughtful consideration for kitchen traffic and workflow.


The cabinetry:


The modern kitchen design is free from any embellishment, and the flat panel cabinetry is a prominent feature of this design style. The linear design enhances the clean aesthetics of the luxury kitchen. The silk grey wall-mounted cabinets and tall cabinet rows provide a perfect contrast to the stark green island. The integrated appliances also help create a clutter-free look while ensuring functionality. The geometric shapes enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. The cabinets are handleless and flaunt the modern push-to-open technology that makes operating them a seamless process.


At Hacker Kitchens, we innovate to provide the best features that allow users to operate the kitchen without any hassle. The placement of the cabinets enables users to create different zones in the kitchen and helps with systematic storage placement. The storage units here offer ample storage to meet diverse storage requirements.


The layout and aesthetics:


The layout of the kitchen gives off an open-concept vibe. The layout is open on all sides, and that helps the traffic flow smoothly. The work triangle has efficiently been implemented to streamline the workflow. The work triangle is a vital rule in modern kitchen design, that enhances functionality. The kitchen has a subtle elegance, with matte lacquered fronts that enhance its muted luxury appeal.


It is clutter-free, and the kitchen is compact yet spacious, minimalistic yet luxurious. This modular kitchen model is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. The adequate amount of natural light in the kitchen is ideal, and there is no need for any artificial light in the daytime.


Create a green kitchen with Lush Alpine Green from Hacker, a perfect addition to a modern living space. We keep experimenting with the style, color, and features of modern kitchen design and deliver the best German kitchens for your home. Visit our modular kitchen showroom near you to check out our latest modular kitchen designs.


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