Modern Kitchen Renovation: What Are The Basic Steps To Follow?

Modern Kitchen Renovation: What Are The Basic Steps To Follow?

Modern Kitchen Renovation: What Are The Basic Steps To Follow?

Since the kitchen is an important part of the household, Care needs to be taken while designing it. However, due to a lack of expertise or careless planning, one may end up with a faulty kitchen design that does not live up to the expectations of the user. Kitchen renovation remains the only option for the user to enhance kitchen functionality. There may be other reasons too which may require one to renovate the kitchen design, such as family expansion, a change in kitchen usage pattern, or altering the kitchen layout to accommodate an entertainment zone.


Regardless of the reason, a kitchen renovation project is always a costly affair and requires minute planning to ensure that you end up with a functional and stylish modern kitchen in India. There are a couple of basic steps that every kitchen renovation project must follow. Keep reading to discover what these steps are.


What are the basic steps of a modern kitchen renovation?


Identify and address your core needs:


There is a difference between what you need and what you want; while planning for a kitchen design, you must address your core requirements and not what you want in the kitchen. Starting from the layout to the appliances, list out all the problem areas in the current kitchen design that you must address through the renovation project. Is it difficult to move from one point in the kitchen to another? Do you need to replace your old appliances? Do you need a new countertop? Do you need more cabinets? Are all zones in the kitchen easily accessible? In your list, you should add all these problem areas and ensure that you are addressing them through your Indian kitchen design renovation.


Set a budget and hire a contractor:


It is the most crucial step in the process. You have to set a budget for the project depending on the tasks that need to be carried out in the kitchen. While setting a budget, do add unplanned costs that may hike up your overall renovation cost. You also need to decide whether you want to hire contractors to renovate your kitchen design or whether you should opt for a modular kitchen design and approach modular kitchen manufacturers. Investing in a modular kitchen makes sense here because a modular kitchen is a great combination of style and functionality. You must also set a timeline by which you want your kitchen to be completely renovated.


Invest in accessories:


Whether you invest in a modular kitchen or not, you should invest in good modular kitchen accessories, as these would enhance kitchen functionality. These will keep your kitchen more organized, and accessible. You should add cutlery trays, bottle pull-outs, carousel units, etc. A tall unit can be a useful addition to your modern kitchen in India because it will offer you a compact storage space for grocery items. The organizers will make everything accessible, and the corner accessories will help you utilize the corner space.


Save energy:


Since you are already renovating your modern Indian kitchen design, you consider becoming more efficient with how you consume energy. Replace your old appliances and invest in energy-efficient appliances and lighting sources. If you can make room for windows and skylights to let in as much natural light as possible, While buying appliances and light sources, look for an Energy Star rating. It will help you save energy and money. Install task lighting in the kitchen if you haven’t already.


Plan your kitchen zones:


Open up the kitchen space or change the layout to accommodate different kitchen zones. This move will also enhance kitchen functionality as well as kitchen aesthetics. If you are expanding your kitchen to include an entertainment zone in the kitchen, then your current layout may not work. Go through the latest modular kitchen designs, and you will know which layout would work best for your new kitchen plan. Opening up the modern kitchen in India by removing the walls is a great idea, as it will not only enhance the kitchen space but your home interior as well. An open kitchen is inviting and great for socializing.


These are simple yet effective kitchen renovation techniques that will ensure a successful kitchen renovation. However, planning is the most crucial step; hence, be careful and do not take kitchen design for granted. Leave it to the leading modular kitchen manufacturers like Hacker Kitchens to create a stunning kitchen that is tailored for you.


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